12/11 – RGD’s 2018 Calendar is now available

The RGD 2018 Calendar is now available and we think it’s the best one yet, with more adorable photos of rats, and a couple of “guest” species!  If you would like hard copies of this year’s calendar (i.e. the professionally printed copies that used to be handed out at the Rat Genomics and Models meeting), please let us know by using the “Contact Us” form available here.  We would be happy to send up to 5 calendars to anyone who requests them.  Alternatively, if you are in the Milwaukee area, please feel free to drop by our office (room #2536) in the Curative Care Network building, part of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center complex (https://goo.gl/maps/nKN2M4ywVgD2), to pick up your copies!  You can also email us at RGD.Community@mcw.edu to request calendars or for more details about our office location.

A PDF of the calendar is also available here.

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