10/20 – The Alliance of Genome Resources’ 1.0 release is now available

RGD is pleased to join with the members of five other model organism databases (MODs) and the Gene Ontology Consortium (GOC) to announce the first public release of the Alliance of Genome Resources website (AGR 1.0, http://www.alliancegenome.org/)!  The goal of the Alliance is to provide a consistent user interface with an integrated view of data from six MODs and the GOC.  The founding member databases are Flybase, Mouse Genome Database, Rat Genome Database, Saccharomyces Genome Database, Wormbase, and the Zebrafish Information Network.  AGR 1.0 allows users to search for and view gene, functional (GO) data, and disease associations from these seven sources. The release includes orthology data for human and Alliance organisms, built on the DRSC Integrative Ortholog Prediction Tool (DIOPT), which integrates multiple prediction approaches.

RGD’s rat and human gene pages and Disease Ontology (DO) report pages now include links to the corresponding pages on the AGR 1.0 website.  In addition to the new link in the RGD header, the RGD gene pages show the link to the AGR site in the “More on this gene” box located on in the right margin of the page, and on RGD DO report pages, the link is prominently located just below the term definition.

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