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11/26 – RGD now offers Ensembl tracks for Rnor 6.0 on JBrowse!

RGD’s JBrowse now features tracks for Ensembl genes along with RGD’s NCBI-derived gene set for Rnor 6.0. With this added feature rat and disease researchers can observe differences between locations of genes and transcripts between the two computationally distinct algorithms and methods used for genome annotations.

In the first of two examples on the left, we see differences between the starting position for Selenoprotein P (Selenop) a gene with known associations in cancer in the RGD and Ensembl tracks. In the second example we see a similar pattern with Agouti signaling protein (Asip) which is relevant in Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases.

Click here to view JBrowse. For more information on how to use JBrowse, you can view our guide on the browser here, or view the JBrowse Genome Browser Video Tutorial.



RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.