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08/13/2022 – GENETICS/G3 Call for Papers: Genetic Models of Rare Disease

The journals of the Genetics Society of America, GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, are calling for submissions of papers in the area of Genetic Models of Rare Diseases.

The Genetic Models of Rare Diseases Series will launch in Summer 2023; though articles will be published online shortly after acceptance via Advanced Access (including the completed proof). Papers will be collected and navigable across the two journals and promoted on social media and other venues, in a manner similar to other series the journals have published.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts by 14 November 2022 and should submit to the journal of choice. Manuscripts will be reviewed and edited through the standard peer review process and according to the usual high standards of the journals. Some manuscripts submitted to GENETICS may be offered a transfer to G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics instead.

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