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12/15/2022 – RGD is selected in the first set of Global Core Biodata Resources


RGD is thrilled to announce that we are included in the list of the first set of Global Core Biodata Resources —a collection of 37 resources whose long-term funding and sustainability is critical to life science and biomedical research worldwide. This first set of GCBRs were selected through a rigorous two-stage process open to biodata resources globally (see Global Core Biodata Resources: Concept and Selection Process) . More than 60 resources submitted expressions of interest, which needed to meet several eligibility criteria. At each stage of the selection process, the candidate biodata resources were assessed by a panel of more than 50 independent expert reviewers against a series of criteria that included their scientific focus, the size and reach of their user communities, their quality of service, their governance, and their impact on global research.

Researchers worldwide rely on data resources to manage, curate and provide access to research data. These resources include deposition databases that archive and preserve primary research data and knowledge bases that draw together and add value to these data through expert curation and annotation—enabling those data to be mined, combined, and used to advance research. Global Core Biodata Resources are biodata resources that are of fundamental importance to the wider biological and life sciences community and the long term preservation of biological data. They:

  • provide free and open access to their data,

  • are used extensively both in terms of the number and distribution of their users,

  • are mature and comprehensive,

  • are considered authoritative in their field,

  • are of high scientific quality, and

  • provide a professional standard of service delivery.

Their operation is based on well-established life-cycle management processes and well-understood dependencies with related data resources. GCBRs have either terms of use or specific licences that conform to the Open Definition, to enable the reuse of data.

Click here to view the current list of Global Core Biodata Resources.



RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.