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The Introduction to Biological Nomenclature Video Series

Biological nomenclature is used to create unambiguous references to genetic objects. Learn more about this valuable tool with this video series.


Part I: The History and Reasoning Behind Biological Nomenclature

 Part II: Gene Nomenclature

Part III: QTL and Marker Nomenclature

Part IV: Rat Strain Nomenclature

Accurate nomenclature is becoming an increasingly indispensable tool used to disambiguate genetic objects such as genes, QTLs and strains. This video will give you background on the history of nomenclature and its importance, in order to strengthen your understanding of genetic nomenclature. Standardized biological nomenclature is a valuable and ever-expanding tool that researchers can use in order to reliably retrieve data and research the genome through analysis tools, such as the ones available in RGD. Learn more about rat, mouse and human gene nomenclature, particularly how it is assigned and where you can go to seek help when naming your genes. Proper use of  nomenclature is an indispensable tool in the disambiguation of genetic objects and their data. This informative video showcases the standardization and use of both QTL and marker nomenclature. Effective nomenclature helps present data unambiguously. Learn how to use the correct biological nomenclature to name the strains that you or your research group develop with this informative tutorial.

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