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Physiological Pathway Diagrams Video Tutorial


Are you looking for a more intuitive way to visualize system-level pathway information? RGD’s newest video tutorial about the Physiological Pathway diagrams will help you navigate these interactive diagrams for use as either a research or study tool.
In this video, we will:

  • Locate the Physiological Pathway Diagrams on RGD’s website
  • Walk through a particular pathway diagram
  • View relationships between levels of organization
  • Learn about the controls attached to the diagrams


Software requirements

Click here to try out the Interactive Physiological Pathway Diagrams.

To view or download a PDF copy of the script of this video, including links to the web pages mentioned, click here.


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RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.