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PhenoGen Informatics Genome/Transcriptome Data and Browser


PhenoGen Informatics, “the site for quantitative genetics of the transcriptome” at the University of Colorado Denver, has released an informative video workshop about their genome/transcriptome data and browser.  Find out what’s there and how to use it with this hands-on demonstration of the PhenoGen data and functionality.  Whether you’re starting with a gene (for instance, accessing the tool from an RGD gene page!) and want information about expression, exon usage, weighted gene co-expression networks and/or phenotype associations, or you have a quantitative phenotype from Recombinant Inbred panel rats or mice and what to look at RNA expression levels correlated with that phenotype, this is a resource you won’t want to pass up!

Access the video on the PhenoGen website to learn more about the tool, its data and its rich functionality, or go to the PhenoGen home page to begin exploring.


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