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Introduction to Biomedical Ontologies #4: Ontology Term Enrichment Using RatMine

  Rat Community Videos: Ontologies

You’ve done your experiments and you have a list of genes that might be of interest, but…what now?  Or you keep seeing the term “ontology term enrichment analysis” in the papers you’re reading and, well, you have a vague idea of what that means, but you aren’t really sure.  Whether you’re interested in information about gene functions, diseases, phenotypes or pathways, this video provides an overview of what ontology term enrichment analysis is and how you can use the “widgets” in RatMine and other InterMine-based tools to quickly and easily extract enrichment data for your list of genes or proteins.

This video will show you:

  • What “ontology term enrichment analysis” is
  • Where you can find a list of tools that you can use to do enrichment analysis
  • What InterMine is and what other tools on the web are based on the InterMine technology
  • How to upload your list of gene or protein IDs to RatMine
  • What ontologies RatMine uses for enrichment analyses
  • How the widgets incorporated into RatMine can perform ontology enrichment analysis on your list of genes or proteins
  • How you can export the results of your analysis, or use them to do further analyses


Click here to try out the RatMine ontology term enrichment widgets for yourself.

To view or download a PDF copy of the script of this video, including links to the web pages mentioned, click here.


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