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GViewer Video Tutorial

RGD: Genome visualization with GViewer from Simon Twigger on Vimeo.


This brief video will show you how to use RGD’s GViewer tool to view search results in the context of the entire genome.

From this video you will learn how to:

  • access the GViewer tool on the RGD website
  • navigate through the GViewer display
  • zoom into a single chromosome view
  • access RGD data reports from the GViewer tool
  • view regions of synteny between rat, mouse and human chromosomes
  • download annotation data from the GViewer tool

The GViewer is used on many RGD report pages including ontology reports and all of the Disease portal pages.  Click “DATA >> Ontologies” to search for an ontology term and view the results using the GViewer, or click the “DISEASES” tab above to access disease portal pages that incorporate this tool.


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RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.