Disease Portal Video Tutorial

RGD: Finding disease genes online for Cancer, Hypertension and more from Simon Twigger on Vimeo.


RGD’s Disease Portals consolidate data for each of a variety of disease areas including Neurological Diseases, Cardivascular Diseases, Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome and Urogenital and Breast Cancers onto one integrated web page.  This video demonstrates how information about rat, mouse and human genes, rat and human QTLs and rat strains associated with diseases, and with disease-related phenotypes, pathways and biological processes can all be accessed from a single location.

This brief video illustrates how to:

  • select a disease category and/or a specific disease of interest
  • examine and download lists of genes, QTLs and strains associated with that disease
  • use the GViewer tool to examine disease-specific gene and QTL data in the context of the rat, mouse and human genomes
  • explore cross-species associations between genomic and disease data
  • navigate to RGD report pages for more detailed information
  • view the Gene Ontology terms most often linked to genes associated with your disease of interest

Access the list of RGD Disease Portals here or by clicking either the button labeled “DISEASES” on the RGD home page, or the tab labelled “DISEASES” above.


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