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PhenoMiner Data Submission Steps

1. Download template data file.

If you would like to submit data for individual animals, please download PhenoMiner_Individual_Data_Load_Template_Aug2017-X.xlsx.  (.xls version)

Otherwise, please download PhenoMiner_Summary_Data_Load_Template_Aug2017-X.xlsx.  (.xls version)

If necessary, please go to the Strain Registration Page to register your strain before submitting your phenotype data.

* Instructions on how to use the template files are available in PhenoMiner_User_Submission_Help_Document_Aug2017-X.docx.  (.doc version)

2. Fill in the data file with your experimental data.

3. Submit your completed data file using the email address below (Step #4). Please include a brief description of the protocol(s) you used as the “Protocol file”.

4. Email the protocol file and data file(s) to (if the data file is too large to send over email, contact us for an alternate way to submit)

5. Receive notification when your data has been imported into PhenoMiner.

6. Visualize your data in PhenoMiner.

Please contact us if you have any questions.



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