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More about JBrowse Tracks

As with most genome browsers, JBrowse displays each type of data as a “track”, that is a horizontal region of the display which contains a specified kind of data.  Each track has a label to indicate what data that track contains, and in some instances, specific information about the source of the data (for example, Strain specific variant track names include an abbreviation to indicate the group or institution which produced the sequence data represented in that track.  For more information, go to the “Variant Tracks” section via the link below.)

Each link below accesses a page containing more information about the type of track listed.

For a quick overview of how to use JBrowse, including how to find out what tracks are available and how to work with tracks in general, click here.
For a comparison of the JBrowse and GBrowse genome browsers, click here
For information about the legacy GBrowse genome browser, click here.

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