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New Gene Search Help

Quick Guide

  1. Enter a search term in the “Keyword” text box under the “Gene Search” title.
  2. Click either “Search Genes” button to run the search.
  3. Limit search by chromosome, genomic coordinates, map, or species with the options directly below the “Keyword” text box.
  4. Click either “Search Genes” button to run the search.

Try it here!

Sample search

Clicking one of the “Example searches” above the Keyword search box automatically initiates a search for that term.

Below is a more detailed explanation of each element of the search form which will allow you greater flexibility to refine your searches.


Enter a gene symbol, alias or keyword to search for. The asterisk ‘*’ is an accepted wildcard, in addition to various other options are available to refine the search:


Restrict the returned genes to ones mapped to a particular chromosome. Excludes genes that are unmapped or mapped to a different chromosome

Start and Stop

This option allows search restriction by genomic coordinates.  Put the beginning base pair coordinate in the “Start” text box and the ending base pair coordinate in the “Stop” text box.  All genes, QTLs, and SSLPs bounded by those coordinates will be returned by the search.


This option allows the restriction of the search to genes on a specific genome assembly or on a specific type of genomic map.  The second drop-down list for assembly allows inclusion or exclusion of unmapped objects.


This option determines what tab is selected on the results page.  The results for the other species will still be accessible by selecting the appropriate tab on the results page.

“Switch to classic gene search” at the bottom left links to an older version of the gene search.


(Classic gene search help)



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