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Evidence Codes Guide

Evidence codes are attached to an annotation to describe what type of evidence supports the association between the gene, QTL, strain or other data object and the ontology/vocabulary term.  Many evidence codes used at RGD come from the GO Consortium (  The following is a list of evidence codes that can be found in annotations at RGD:


Experimental Evidence Codes:

EXP: Inferred by EXPeriment

IAGP: Inferred by Association of Genotype with Phenotype

IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay

IED: Inferred from Experimental Data

IEP: Inferred from Expression Pattern

IGI: Inferred from Genetic Interaction

IMP: Inferred from Mutant Phenotype

IPI: Inferred from Physical Interaction

Computational Analysis Evidence Codes:

IBA: Inferred from Biological aspect of Ancestor

IBD: Inferred from Biological aspect of Descendant

IGC: Inferred from Genomic Context

IKR: Inferred from Key Residues

IRD: Inferred from Rapid Divergence

ISO: Inferred from Sequence Orthology

ISS: Inferred from Sequence or Structural Similarity

RCA: Inferred from Reviewed Computational Analysis

Author Statement Evidence Codes:

NAS: Non-traceable Author Statement

TAS: Traceable Author Statement

Curator Statement Evidence Codes:

IC: Inferred by Curator

ND: No biological Data available

Automatically-assigned Evidence Codes:

IEA: Inferred from Electronic Annotation

High Throughput Evidence Codes:

HTP: Inferred from High Throughput exPeriment

HMP: Inferred from High throughput Mutant Phenotype

HGI: Inferred from High throughput Genetic Interaction

HDA: Inferred from High throughput Direct Assay

HEP: Inferred from High throughput Expression Pattern



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