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Much of the data that appears on the website comes from the scientific literature. The articles curated for information can be retrieved from the database using the reference search page or links on an object page. For each reference, information includes the title, abstract, and citation. References describing data obtained in bulk from various researchers and other sources are also included.

RGD has two types of references – curated and uncurated. The curation staff has manually reviewed curated references and information relevant to the database has been extracted into the database. Uncurated references are known to contain relevant data but have not yet been manually reviewed. These are found as PubMed links listed in the ‘References – uncurated’ section of an object report (e.g. a gene report).

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Reference Search Page

References Search Result

Reference Report Page

Reference Search Page

1. The Reference Search page is accessed by clicking the ‘Data’ tab on the home page, followed by ‘References’ in the blue banner.



2. References can be searched by any word or word fragment in the title or abstract, by the author’s last name, and/or by year of publication coupled with another term. Multiple words should be joined by ‘AND’; otherwise they will be searched as a phrase. Searches are case insensitive. Example searches are provided above the text entry box. Asterisks serve as wild cards.

3. To see a list of search features and rules, click ‘Search Help’.

4. If the previous search page version is preferred, click ‘Switch to classic reference search’. ‘View all search features’ is an alternate link to the search features (3).

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References Search Result

1. The search result contains a list of references containing the search term(s) (in bold). Clicking ‘View Results for all Objects and Ontologies’ displays all RGD objects and ontology terms containing the search term(s).

2. For each reference, displayed are the RGD ID, title (linked to the reference report page – see below), citation, expandable abstract (a), PubMed ID (linked to the PubMed abstract and manuscript), and publication date.

3. The reference list is exportable.

4. It is also sortable by any of the column headings.

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Reference Report Page

1. The reference title on the search results page links to the Reference Report Page for that reference. Displayed are the title, authors, citation and abstract.

2. Links to the PubMedabstract and manuscript are included.

3. Additional information is provided, such as RGD ID and creation date.

4. If the manuscript has been curated, annotations and objects annotated are displayed in the ‘Annotation’ section. Ontology terms (a) are linked to further information about that annotation and objects (b) are linked to their report pages.

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RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.