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Ontology Browser Help

The ontology browser provides the context in which a term is located via its ancestors or paths, its siblings (other children for a given parent) and its children. The topmost section summarizes information about the term itself. This is followed by a three columns section where the selected term is located in the center with parents on the left and children on the right.At he bottom of the page is a graph view showing the ontology paths of this term.

The Term is shown on top of the page followed by AccessionDefinition and Synonyms. The Accession given here can be used for ontology general search to get the exact t ontology term.  Synonyms includes names commonly used before standardization or other IDs used by different communities.   The underlined terms or phrases in this section are links  to further information of the term or phrase.
 is a search box   allowing users to perform another  ontology search without leaving the term browser. Search is initiated after enter or clicking the magnified lens within orange circle.   Users may go back to the  main ontology general search page by clicking the underlined phrase “go back to main search page”.

2  “browse the term”   is clickable on either the branch  or the phrase underlined.  This link will bring users to a center column where the ontology term is presented with parent terms and child terms on either side.

3  “view annotations” (white A in a red square) will bring users to the “ONTOLGOY REPORT – ANNOTATIONS” page where users can view all RGD objects annotated to the term.  The button alone following each ontology term has the same functionality.


The selected ontology term together with its definition underneath are highlighted in the yellow box in the middle of the browser page below the column titled “Term with Siblings.” All its sibling terms  are listed alphabetically in the same column. All parent terms are listed under  the “Parent Terms“ column on the left and all children terms are listed under  the “Child Terms“ column on the right. The stand alone “white A in a red square”   button is a link to “view annotations”.  It links to the “ONTOLGOY REPORT – ANNOTATIONS” page where users can view all RGD objects annotated to the term.
At the bottom of ontology browser page is a graph view showing all the paths and ancestors terms between the term, system development, and the top-level term, biological process.  This is an interactive diagram allowing users to browse the term by clicking terms in the graph



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