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Joe, Bina, Ph.D, FAHA

University of Toledo College of Medicine
Head, Physiological Genomics Laboratory
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
312, Block Health Science Bldg.
3000 Arlington Ave
Toledo, OH 43614


Research Interests:
– genetics of hypertension

Current funded research in the Joe Lab seeks identification of genetic variants that causally control the trait of blood pressure (BP), elevated levels of which result in hypertension. The Joe lab has applied cutting-edge rat genetic systems using novel knockout, congenic and transgenic models and mapped blood pressure controlling elements within genomic segments ranging from 42kb to <1Mb. These genomic segments contain novel genes causally implicated in both human and rodent hypertension. Functional and translational studies are currently NIH funded research themes that are ongoing in the Joe laboratory.
Other ongoing projects:
1. Evaluation of the role of mitochondrial genomes on hypertension
2. Development of novel inbred and conplastic models of divergent aerobic capacity in rats


RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.