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Dissen, Erik, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor, Dept. of Anatomy
Institute of Basic Medical Sciences,
University of Oslo,
P.O.Box 1105 Blindern,
0317 Oslo, Norway.


Research Interests:
– natural killer (NK) cell receptors
– NK cell recognition of tumor cells, infected cells and MHC-disparate cells

We have identified at the molecular level the majority of NK cell receptors in the rat, localized in two regions. The NK cell receptor gene complex (NKC) resides on chromosome 4, and contains the killer cell lectin-like receptors (KLR). This group is divided into families; KLRA (more widely known as the Ly49 multigene family); KLRB (NKR-P1); KLRC (NKG2); KLRD (CD94); KLRE; KLRG (MAFA) KLRH (STOK9); KLRI; KLRK (NKG2D).
The leukocyte recepor gene complex (LRC) resides on chromosome 1, and harbors NKp46, CD89, KIR3DL1, gp49B1 and the LILR and PIR multigene families. Moreover, we have generated monoclonal antibodies to several of these receptors. Current projects in the rat include further functional analysis of the KLRE/I heterodimeric receptor family; as well as the CD94/NKG2A, -C and -E receptors. The roles of NKp30 and NKp46 in infection and autoimmunity are also under investigation.
My research is closely interrelated with that of Sigbjørn Fossum, Bent Rolstad and John T. Vaage at the immunobiological laboratory in Oslo.
Rat immunology has been the main focus of this research environment since the late 1970s.



RGD is funded by grant HL64541 from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH.