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Substrains with BN as parental strain

Substrains  RGD  Others 
 BN/Crl  RGD  Charles River
 BN/Crli  RGD  Charles River Italy
 BN/Crlj  RGD  Charels River Japan
 BN/Cub  RGD  V. Kren
 BN/Elh  RGD  E.L. Harris
 BN/Gro  RGD  G.A.van Oormerssen
 BN/KunKtsSlc  RGD  NBRP
 BN/Maas  RGD  A. Maas

Congenics with BN as parental strain
 Congenics RGD   Others
 BN.GK-(D1Wox18-D1Got254)/Ox  RGD  D. Gauguier
 BN.LEW-(D10Mco17-D10Mco14)/Ciml  RGD  G.J. Fournie
 BN.LEW-(D10Rat100-D10Rat126)/Rj  RGD  G.J. Fournie
 ACI.BN-(D5Mgh17-D5Rat205)/Shul  RGD  J. Shull
 BN.GK-(D1Wox18-D1Got254)/Ox  RGD  D. Gauguier
 BN.OLETF-(D1Rat169-D1Rat90)/Got  RGD Otsuka
 BN.PD-(D8Rat39-D8Rat35)/Cub  RGD  V. Kren
 BN.SHR-(Il6-Cd36)/Cub  RGD  V. Kren
 F344.BN-(D3Mgh13-D3Mgh7)/Dlw  RGD  D.L. Wendell

Mutants with BN as parental strain
Mutants   RGD  Others
 BN-Lx/Cub  RGD  V. Kren
 BN-Adora2am1Mcwi  RGD  PhysGen
 BN-Adora2am2Mcwi  RGD  PhysGen
 BN-Adora2am3Mcwi  RGD  PhysGen
 BN-Birc3m1Mcwi  RGD  PhysGen
 BN-Ccr2m2Mcwi  RGD  PhysGen
 BN-Cebpem1/Mcwi  RGD  PhysGen
 BN-Fgl2m3Mcwi  RGD  PhysGen
 BN-Hand1m1Mcwi  RGD  PhysGen


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