DNA Primer Utilities

Javascript implementation of basic DNA sequence analyses.

Basic Instructions:

Paste in your sequence and select the analysis you wish to do. Results appear below and/or in separate windows. Further information and instructions are available below along with known limitations.

Paste DNA Sequence here (5' - 3' Coding Strand) Max length: 255bp


Complement (3' - 5' Non-coding)
Reverse Complement (5' - 3' Non-coding strand)
Tm (°C)
Length (bp)
Molecular Weight (Da)

  1. Enter your primer sequence (5'- 3') into the 'DNA Coding Sequence' box
  2. Press the Display... button to view the complement, reverse complement, size and melting temperature
  3. Show Restriction sites opens a fresh window displaying known restriction sites and their positions
  4. Translate opens a fresh window with a 3 frame translation of the DNA sequence.
  • Tm (°C) = 81.5 + 16.6 x log([Na+]) + 41(#G + #C)/length - 500/length
    The [Na+] is taken as 0.1M
  • Only copes with 4 DNA bases plus U: A,C,G,T,U.
  • To Do: Cater for different primer orientations (5'-3'/3'-5', coding/non-coding)