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This page allows access to sequence data available within RGD. Currently this is limited to SSLP clone sequence, primer sequences and a certain amount of EST clone and primer sequences. The full scale sequencing of the Rat Genome will be underway in early 2001 aiming to have a 3-4x coverage by 2003. Sequence data and annotation stemming from this project will be being introduced in due course, for more information on the progress of the Rat Genome Project (RGP) please try our Rat Genome Project Information section.

RGD Sequence Query Form

This tool allows you to retrieve sequence data in RGD using Genbank nucleotide accessions and RGD IDs. The Sequence Report includes available information on the sequence object including the sequence itself plus external database IDs.


Example search terms: 15853, AI137919, etc. Wildcard characters cannot be used in the search, see the search instructions for more information.

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