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RGD IDSymbolNameDescriptionChrStartStopSpeciesAnnotationsMatchType
8845050Fn1fibronectin 1ENCODES a protein that exhibits chaperone binding (ortholog); collagen binding (ortholog); disordered domain specific binding (ortholog); INVOLVED IN acute-phase response (ortholog); angiogenesis (ortholog); calcium-independent cell-matrix adhesion (ortholog); PARTICIPATES IN cell-extracellular matrNW_004955457629599694948Chinchilla173symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8865513Fn3kfructosamine 3 kinaseENCODES a protein that exhibits fructosamine-3-kinase activity (ortholog); kinase activity (ortholog); INVOLVED IN epithelial cell differentiation (ortholog); fructosamine metabolic process (ortholog); fructoselysine metabolic process (ortholog); ASSOCIATED WITH Smith-Magenis syndrome (ortholog); FONW_004955506434613451063Chinchilla12symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8833897Fntafarnesyltransferase, CAAX box, alphaENCODES a protein that exhibits acetylcholine receptor regulator activity (ortholog); alpha-tubulin binding (ortholog); CAAX-protein geranylgeranyltransferase activity (ortholog); INVOLVED IN neurotransmitter receptor metabolic process (ortholog); positive regulation of deacetylase activity (ortholoNW_0049554571326082513294025Chinchilla32symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8896025Fntbfarnesyltransferase, CAAX box, betaENCODES a protein that exhibits protein farnesyltransferase activity (ortholog); zinc ion binding (ortholog); INVOLVED IN protein farnesylation (ortholog); protein prenylation (ortholog); FOUND IN cytosol (ortholog); microtubule associated complex (ortholog); protein farnesyltransferase complex (ortNW_00495546648586284940247Chinchilla12symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8795844Fnbp1formin binding protein 1ENCODES a protein that exhibits identical protein binding (ortholog); lipid binding (ortholog); INVOLVED IN endocytosis (ortholog); membrane organization (ortholog); FOUND IN cell cortex (ortholog); clathrin-coated pit (ortholog); cytoplasmic vesicle (ortholog)NW_00495551386004137631Chinchilla18symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8728744Fnbp4formin binding protein 4FOUND IN nuclear speck (ortholog)NW_004955422613817641691Chinchilla2symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8863930Fndc1fibronectin type III domain containing 1FOUND IN extracellular region (ortholog); nuclear speck (ortholog)NW_00495543932518513356679Chinchilla2symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8972946Fndc4fibronectin type III domain containing 4INVOLVED IN negative regulation of inflammatory response (ortholog); response to transforming growth factor beta (ortholog); ASSOCIATED WITH lipid storage disease (ortholog); FOUND IN endoplasmic reticulum (ortholog); extracellular region (ortholog); extracellular space (ortholog)NW_00495546994569649459721Chinchilla10symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8975191Fndc5fibronectin type III domain containing 5ENCODES a protein that exhibits hormone activity (ortholog); INVOLVED IN positive regulation of brown fat cell differentiation (ortholog); regulation of signaling receptor activity (ortholog); response to muscle activity (ortholog); ASSOCIATED WITH Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease dominant intermediate CNW_0049554521112082311127010Chinchilla20symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8710719Fndc7fibronectin type III domain containing 7FOUND IN extracellular region (ortholog)NW_0049554351218518712213242Chinchilla1symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8789846Fndc8fibronectin type III domain containing 8ASSOCIATED WITH Breast-Ovarian Cancer, Familial, Susceptibility To, 4 (ortholog); Smith-Magenis syndrome (ortholog); FOUND IN nucleus (ortholog)NW_00495548198124029820070Chinchilla3symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8983031Fndc9fibronectin type III domain containing 9FOUND IN integral component of membrane (ortholog)NW_0049554081154016511544681Chinchilla1symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8965590Fnip1folliculin interacting protein 1ENCODES a protein that exhibits ATPase inhibitor activity (ortholog); chaperone binding (ortholog); guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity (ortholog); INVOLVED IN cellular response to starvation (ortholog); immature B cell differentiation (ortholog); mitochondrion organization (ortholog); PARTICNW_00495540831172583238223Chinchilla28symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8894819Fnip2folliculin interacting protein 2ENCODES a protein that exhibits ATPase inhibitor activity (ortholog); chaperone binding (ortholog); INVOLVED IN intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in response to DNA damage (ortholog); mitochondrion organization (ortholog); negative regulation of catalytic activity (ortholog); PARTICIPATES IN mTONW_0049554711232968612444782Chinchilla19symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
9010237Fn3krpfructosamine 3 kinase related proteinENCODES a protein that exhibits kinase activity (ortholog); INVOLVED IN phosphorylation (ortholog); post-translational protein modification (ortholog); ASSOCIATED WITH Smith-Magenis syndrome (ortholog); FOUND IN cytosol (ortholog)NW_004955506451455461073Chinchilla6symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8968235Fnbp1lformin binding protein 1 likeENCODES a protein that exhibits cadherin binding (ortholog); GTPase binding (ortholog); lipid binding (ortholog); INVOLVED IN autophagy (ortholog); cilium assembly (ortholog); clathrin-dependent endocytosis (ortholog); FOUND IN cell cortex (ortholog); cytoplasm (ortholog); cytoplasmic vesicle (orthoNW_00495542311158281220316Chinchilla24symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8898370Fndc10fibronectin type III domain containing 10ASSOCIATED WITH idiopathic generalized epilepsy (ortholog); FOUND IN integral component of membrane (ortholog)NW_00495548693018029303246Chinchilla2symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
9048564Fndc11fibronectin type III domain containing 11NW_004955528670563672995Chinchilla2symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8965498Fndc3afibronectin type III domain containing 3AENCODES a protein that exhibits RNA binding (ortholog); INVOLVED IN cell-cell adhesion (ortholog); fertilization (ortholog); Sertoli cell development (ortholog); ASSOCIATED WITH Chromosome 13q Deletion Syndrome (ortholog); chromosome 13q14 deletion syndrome (ortholog); intellectual disability (orthoNW_00495543125533112696596Chinchilla15symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]
8734711Fndc3bfibronectin type III domain containing 3BENCODES a protein that exhibits RNA binding (ortholog); ASSOCIATED WITH acute promyelocytic leukemia (ortholog); keratoconus (ortholog); open-angle glaucoma (ortholog); FOUND IN integral component of membrane (ortholog)NW_00495542021738042435324Chinchilla6symbolgene, protein-coding, MODEL [RefSeq]