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Genes search result for Rattus norvegicus
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5 records found for search term D2Mit6[marker]
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RGD IDSymbolNameDescriptionChrStartStopSpeciesAnnotationsMatchType
6492786LOC10091147060S ribosomal protein L9-like27838451078385086Ratn/aRegiongene
1565003Retreg1reticulophagy regulator 127839192178401569Ratn/aRegiongene
1309146Zfp622zinc finger protein 62227840731278421152Ratn/aRegiongene
9421618LOC103691489histone H3.3-like27841767378419853Ratn/aRegiongene
1589752LOC310182similar to heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein M27842553978427709Ratn/aRegiongene


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