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Variant : CV153961 (GRCh38/hg38 6p22.2-22.1(chr6:26280579-28727313)x3) Homo sapiens

Symbol: CV153961
Name: GRCh38/hg38 6p22.2-22.1(chr6:26280579-28727313)x3
Condition: See cases [RCV000133692]
Clinical Significance: uncertain significance
Last Evaluated: 05/27/2010
Review Status: classified by single submitter|no assertion criteria provided
Related Genes: ABT1   BTN1A1   BTN2A1   BTN2A2   BTN3A1   BTN3A2   BTN3A3   GPX5   GPX6   H1-5   H2AC11   H2AC12   H2AC13   H2AC14   H2AC15   H2AC16   H2AC17   H2BC11   H2BC12   H2BC13   H2BC14   H2BC15   H2BC17   H3C10   H3C11   H3C12   H4C11   H4C12   H4C13   H4C8   H4C9   HCG11   HMGN4   LINC00240   LINC00533   LINC01012   MIR3143   NKAPL   OR1F12   OR2B2   OR2B6   PGBD1   POM121L2   PRSS16   TRA-AGC10-1   TRA-AGC11-1   TRA-AGC14-1   TRA-AGC3-1   TRA-AGC4-1   TRA-AGC5-1   TRA-AGC7-1   TRA-CGC1-1   TRA-CGC2-1   TRA-CGC5-1   TRA-TGC2-1   TRD-GTC2-6   TRD-GTC2-7   TRD-GTC3-1   TRG-GCC2-3   TRH-GTG1-5   TRI-AAT2-1   TRI-AAT3-1   TRI-AAT5-1   TRI-AAT5-2   TRI-AAT5-3   TRI-AAT6-1   TRI-AAT7-2   TRI-AAT8-1   TRI-AAT9-1   TRI-TAT2-2   TRI-TAT2-3   TRI-TAT3-1   TRK-CTT2-4   TRK-TTT4-1   TRK-TTT6-1   TRK-TTT9-1   TRL-AAG4-1   TRL-CAA2-1   TRL-CAA3-1   TRL-CAG1-7   TRL-TAA2-1   TRL-TAA4-1   TRM-CAT4-2   TRM-CAT4-3   TRM-CAT5-1   TRP-AGG2-2   TRP-CGG2-1   TRQ-CTG1-2   TRQ-CTG2-1   TRQ-CTG5-1   TRQ-CTG6-1   TRQ-TTG2-1   TRQ-TTG3-1   TRQ-TTG3-2   TRQ-TTG3-3   TRR-ACG1-1   TRR-ACG1-2   TRR-ACG2-2   TRR-ACG2-3   TRR-ACG2-4   TRR-TCG2-1   TRR-TCG4-1   TRR-TCG5-1   TRR-TCT5-1   TRS-AGA1-1   TRS-AGA2-1   TRS-AGA2-2   TRS-AGA2-3   TRS-AGA2-4   TRS-AGA3-1   TRS-AGA4-1   TRS-CGA2-1   TRS-CGA3-1   TRS-GCT1-1   TRS-GCT2-1   TRS-GCT4-1   TRS-GCT5-1   TRS-GCT6-1   TRS-TGA2-1   TRS-TGA3-1   TRS-TGA4-1   TRT-AGT2-1   TRT-AGT2-2   TRT-AGT3-1   TRT-AGT4-1   TRT-AGT6-1   TRT-CGT1-1   TRT-CGT3-1   TRT-CGT5-1   TRT-TGT1-1   TRV-AAC1-5   TRV-AAC3-1   TRV-AAC4-1   TRV-AAC5-1   TRV-CAC1-6   TRV-CAC2-1   TRV-CAC6-1   TRV-CAC7-1   TRV-CAC9-1   TRV-TAC4-1   TRW-CCA3-1   TRW-CCA3-2   TRX-CAT1-2   TRX-CAT1-3   TRX-CAT1-4   TRX-CAT1-5   TRX-CAT1-6   TRX-CAT1-7   TRX-CAT2-1   TRY-GTA1-1   TRY-GTA3-1   TRY-GTA6-1   TRY-GTA8-1   ZBED9   ZKSCAN3   ZKSCAN4   ZKSCAN8   ZNF165   ZNF184   ZNF322   ZNF391   ZSCAN12   ZSCAN16   ZSCAN16-AS1   ZSCAN23   ZSCAN26   ZSCAN31   ZSCAN9  
Variant Type: copy number gain (SO:0001742)
Evidence: clinical testing
HGVS Name(s): NC_000006.12:g.(?_26280579)_(28727313_?)dup
Human AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
GRCh38626,280,579 - 28,727,313CLINVAR
GRCh37626,280,807 - 28,695,090CLINVAR
Build 36626,388,786 - 28,803,069CLINVAR
Cytogenetic Map66p22.2-22.1CLINVAR

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RGD ID: 9481277
Created: 2014-09-09
Species: Homo sapiens
Last Modified: 2019-10-08
Status: ACTIVE


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