GRCh38/hg38 14q32.13-32.33(chr14:94628219-106451054)x3Rat Genome Database

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Variant : CV73124 (GRCh38/hg38 14q32.13-32.33(chr14:94628219-106451054)x3) Homo sapiens

Symbol: CV73124
Name: GRCh38/hg38 14q32.13-32.33(chr14:94628219-106451054)x3
RGD ID: 8619291
Condition: Developmental Delay and additional significant developmental and morphological phenotypes referred for genetic testing [RCV000052298]|Developmental delay and additional significant developmental and morphological phenotypes referred for genetic testing [RCV000052298]|See cases [RCV000052298]
Clinical Significance: pathogenic
Last Evaluated: 08/12/2011
Review Status: classified by single submitter|criteria provided, single submitter|no assertion criteria provided
Related Genes: ADSS1   AHNAK2   AK7   AKT1   AMN   ANKRD9   ASPG   ATG2B   ATP5MJ   BAG5   BCL11B   BDKRB1   BDKRB2   BEGAIN   BRF1   BTBD6   C14orf132   C14orf180   CCDC85C   CCNK   CDC42BPB   CDCA4   CEP170B   CINP   CKB   CLBA1   CLMN   COA8   CRIP1   CRIP2   CYP46A1   DEGS2   DICER1   DICER1-AS1   DIO3   DIO3OS   DLK1   DYNC1H1   EIF5   EML1   EVL   EXOC3L4   FAM30A   GLRX5   GPR132   GSC   GSKIP   HHIPL1   HSP90AA1   IGH   IGHA1   IGHA2   IGHD   IGHD1-1   IGHD1-14   IGHD1-20   IGHD1-26   IGHD1-7   IGHD2-15   IGHD2-2   IGHD2-21   IGHD2-8   IGHD3-10   IGHD3-16   IGHD3-22   IGHD3-3   IGHD3-9   IGHD4-11   IGHD4-17   IGHD4-23   IGHD4-4   IGHD5-12   IGHD5-18   IGHD5-24   IGHD5-5   IGHD6-13   IGHD6-19   IGHD6-25   IGHD6-6   IGHD7-27   IGHE   IGHG1   IGHG2   IGHG3   IGHG4   IGHJ1   IGHJ2   IGHJ3   IGHJ4   IGHJ5   IGHJ6   IGHM   IGHV1-18   IGHV1-2   IGHV1-24   IGHV1-3   IGHV2-26   IGHV2-5   IGHV3-11   IGHV3-13   IGHV3-15   IGHV3-16   IGHV3-20   IGHV3-21   IGHV3-23   IGHV3-30   IGHV3-33   IGHV3-35   IGHV3-38   IGHV3-64D   IGHV3-7   IGHV4-28   IGHV4-30-2   IGHV4-31   IGHV4-34   IGHV4-39   IGHV4-4   IGHV6-1   INF2   JAG2   KIF26A   KLC1   LBHD2   LINC00226   LINC00239   LINC00523   LINC00524   LINC00605   LINC00618   LINC00638   LINC00677   LINC01550   LINC02280   LINC02285   LINC02291   LINC02292   LINC02295   LINC02298   LINC02299   LINC02304   LINC02312   LINC02314   LINC02318   LINC02320   LINC02323   LINC02325   LINC02914   MARK3   MEG3   MEG8   MEG9   MIR1185-1   MIR1185-2   MIR1193   MIR1197   MIR1247   MIR127   MIR134   MIR136   MIR151B   MIR154   MIR203A   MIR203B   MIR2392   MIR299   MIR300   MIR3173   MIR323A   MIR323B   MIR329-1   MIR329-2   MIR337   MIR342   MIR345   MIR369   MIR370   MIR376A1   MIR376A2   MIR376B   MIR376C   MIR377   MIR379   MIR380   MIR381   MIR381HG   MIR382   MIR409   MIR410   MIR411   MIR412   MIR4309   MIR431   MIR432   MIR433   MIR4507   MIR4537   MIR4538   MIR4539   MIR4710   MIR485   MIR487A   MIR487B   MIR493   MIR494   MIR495   MIR496   MIR539   MIR541   MIR543   MIR544A   MIR654   MIR655   MIR656   MIR665   MIR668   MIR6764   MIR6765   MIR758   MIR770   MIR8071-1   MIR8071-2   MIR889   MOK   MTA1   NUDT14   PACS2   PAPOLA   PLD4   PPP1R13B   PPP1R13B-DT   PPP2R5C   RCOR1   RD3L   RTL1   SCARNA13   SETD3   SIVA1   SLC25A29   SLC25A47   SNHG10   SNORA28   SNORD112   SNORD113-1   SNORD113-2   SNORD113-3   SNORD113-4   SNORD113-5   SNORD113-6   SNORD113-7   SNORD113-8   SNORD113-9   SNORD114-1   SNORD114-10   SNORD114-11   SNORD114-12   SNORD114-13   SNORD114-14   SNORD114-15   SNORD114-16   SNORD114-17   SNORD114-18   SNORD114-19   SNORD114-2   SNORD114-20   SNORD114-21   SNORD114-22   SNORD114-23   SNORD114-24   SNORD114-25   SNORD114-26   SNORD114-27   SNORD114-28   SNORD114-29   SNORD114-3   SNORD114-30   SNORD114-31   SNORD114-4   SNORD114-5   SNORD114-6   SNORD114-7   SNORD114-8   SNORD114-9   SYNE3   TCL1A   TCL1B   TCL6   TDRD9   TECPR2   TEDC1   TEX22   TMEM121   TMEM179   TNFAIP2   TRAF3   TRI-AAT5-4   TRMT61A   TUNAR   VRK1   WARS1   WDR20   WDR25   XRCC3   YY1   ZBTB42   ZFYVE21   ZNF839  
Variant Type: copy number gain (SO:0001742)
Evidence: clinical testing
HGVS Name(s): NC_000014.9:g.(?_94628219)_(106451054_?)dup
Human AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
GRCh381494,628,219 - 106,451,054CLINVAR
GRCh371495,094,556 - 106,906,960CLINVAR
Build 361494,164,309 - 105,978,005CLINVAR
Cytogenetic Map1414q32.13-32.33CLINVAR
Trait Synonyms: multiple congenital anomalies; unexplained developmental delay/intellectual disability

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