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Strain: SHR/N

Symbol: SHR/N
Strain: SHR
Substrain: N
RGD ID: 728194
RRID: RGD_728194
Ontology ID: RS:0000729
Type: inbred
Source: NIH Autoimmune Rat Model Repository and Development Center
Origin: To N 1966 at F13 from Okamoto. Okamoto, Kyoto School of Medicine, 1963, from outbred Wistar Kyoto male with marked elevation of blood pressure mated to female with slightly elevated blood pressure; brother-sister mating with contin- ued selection for spontaneous hypertension.
Genetic Markers: C Albino
Inbred Generations: F49
Last Known Status: Extinct



Strain QTL Data
Symbol Name Trait
Bp155 Blood pressure QTL 155 arterial blood pressure trait   (VT:2000000)    
Bp196 Blood pressure QTL 196 arterial blood pressure trait   (VT:2000000)    
Cm22 Cardiac mass QTL 22 heart left ventricle mass   (VT:0007031)    
Cm23 Cardiac mass QTL 23 heart left ventricle mass   (VT:0007031)    

Additional Information

Nomenclature History
Date Current Symbol Current Name Previous Symbol Previous Name Description Reference Status
2015-04-07 SHR/N    SHR/N    Name updated 68913 APPROVED
2015-04-07 SHR/N    SHR/N    Name updated 68913 APPROVED
2013-04-15 SHR/N    SHR/N    Name updated 68913 APPROVED