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Strain: HXB/Ipcv

Symbol: HXB/Ipcv
Strain: HXB
Substrain: Ipcv
RGD ID: 61099
RRID: RGD_61099
Ontology ID: RS:0000401
Type: recombinant_inbred
Source: Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Charles University, Prague
Origin: Derived from founder strains SHR/Ola and BN-Lx/Cub, this strain has been extensively genotyped in known genes as well as DNA markers, strain distribution patterns of 700+ alleles have been published.
Inbred Generations: F40
Last Known Status: Unknown

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Mammalian Phenotype



Strain QTL Data
Symbol Name Trait
Alc24 Alcohol consumption QTL 24 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc25 Alcohol consumption QTL 25 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc26 Alcohol consumption QTL 26 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc27 Alcohol consumption QTL 27 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc28 Alcohol consumption QTL 28 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc29 Alcohol consumption QTL 29 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc30 Alcohol consumption QTL 30 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc31 Alcohol consumption QTL 31 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc32 Alcohol consumption QTL 32 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc33 Alcohol consumption QTL 33 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc34 Alcohol consumption QTL 34 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc35 Alcohol consumption QTL 35 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc36 Alcohol consumption QTL 36 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Alc37 Alcohol consumption QTL 37 drinking behavior trait   (VT:0001422)    
Bp271 Blood pressure QTL 271 arterial blood pressure trait   (VT:2000000)    
Bp272 Blood pressure QTL 272 arterial blood pressure trait   (VT:2000000)    
Bp32 Blood pressure QTL 32 arterial blood pressure trait   (VT:2000000)    
Bp33 Blood pressure QTL 33 arterial blood pressure trait   (VT:2000000)    
Fetw1 Fetal weight QTL 1 fetal growth trait   (VT:0004201)    
Hrtrt19 Heart rate QTL 19 heart pumping trait   (VT:2000009)    
Hrtrt20 Heart rate QTL 20 heart pumping trait   (VT:2000009)    
Hrtrt21 Heart rate QTL 21 heart pumping trait   (VT:2000009)    
Plaw1 Placental weight QTL 1 placenta mass   (VT:0004257)    
Sach6 Saccharin preference QTL 6 taste sensitivity trait   (VT:0001986)    
Sach7 Saccharin preference QTL 7 taste sensitivity trait   (VT:0001986)    

Additional Information

RGD Curation Notes
Note Type Note Reference
strain_characteristics Show polymorphism at chr 8 as the BN progenitor comes from BN-Lx/Cub congenic strain which carries a part of chr 8 from the polydactylous PD/Cub strain. 61044

Nomenclature History
Date Current Symbol Current Name Previous Symbol Previous Name Description Reference Status
2011-04-20 HXB/Ipcv    HXB    Symbol updated 68687 APPROVED
2011-04-20 HXB/Ipcv    HXB    Name updated 68913 APPROVED
2011-04-20 HXB/Ipcv    HXB    Symbol updated 68687 APPROVED
2011-04-20 HXB/Ipcv    HXB    Name updated 68913 APPROVED