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Strain: FHH-Tg(CAG-Rab38)1Mcwi

Symbol: FHH-Tg(CAG-Rab38)1Mcwi
Strain: FHH-Tg(CAG-Rab38)1
Substrain: Mcwi
RGD ID: 5687688
Citation ID: RRID:RGD_5687688
Ontology ID: RS:0003111
Also known as: T2Rab38-A ; FHH-T2Rab38-A
Type: transgenic
Source: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Origin: A Sleeping Beauty transposon expressing the wild type (BN strain) Rab38 coding sequence under the control of the ubiquitous chicken-actin-globin (CAG) promoter was injected into FHH embryos with a mRNA source of transposase to produce (CAG-Rab38) transgenic on FHH background. This transgene insertion mapped to chromosome 14, roughly 13.2-Mbp, and was more than 100-kbp away from the nearest gene (downstream of Antrx2).
Last Known Status: Unknown

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References - curated
1. Personal communication between Dr. Howard Jacob's group and the RGD curators.


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