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Strain: F344-Bmpr2em1Sage+/-

Symbol: F344-Bmpr2em1Sage+/-
Strain: F344-Bmpr2em1Sage
Substrain: Sage
RGD ID: 14975305
Citation ID: RRID:RGD_14975305
Ontology ID: RS:0004761
Alleles: Bmpr2em1Sage
Previously known as: F344-Bmpr2em1Sage
Type: mutant
Source: VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Stanford University School of Medicine
Origin: These ZFN mutant rats were produced by injecting zinc finger nuclease targeting rat Bmpr2 into F344 embryos. The zinc-finger nuclease mediated genome editing system created a deletion of 527 bp across intron and exon1 boundary. The strains of both sexes were confirmed Bmpr2 haplodeficiency.
Genetic Status: Heterozygous
Last Known Status: Unknown
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
mRatBN7.2961,192,718 - 61,307,280RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINEmRatBN7.2
Rnor_6.0966,568,074 - 66,683,019RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERnor6.0
Rnor_5.0966,371,542 - 66,486,121RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERnor5.0
RGSC_v3.4958,327,587 - 58,436,057RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERGSC3.4

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References - curated
1. Tian W, etal., Circulation. 2019 Aug 29. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.119.040629.


Additional Information

Nomenclature History
Date Current Symbol Current Name Previous Symbol Previous Name Description Reference Status
2019-10-07 F344-Bmpr2em1Sage+/-    F344-Bmpr2em1Sage    Symbol and/or name change 68913 APPROVED