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Strain: DA-Tph2em3Mcwi+/+

Symbol: DA-Tph2em3Mcwi+/+
Strain: DA-Tph2em3+/Tph2em3+
Substrain: Mcwi
RGD ID: 14394616
Citation ID: RRID:RGD_14394616
Ontology ID: RS:0004697
Alleles: Tph2em3Mcwi
Type: mutant
Source: PhysGen Knockouts
Origin: This wild type strain was produced by crossing Tph2em3Mcwi heterozygous rats and confirmed by sequencing. The Tph2em3Mcwi heterozygous mutant was created by injecting ZFNs targeting the sequence CATGGCTCCGACCCCctctacACCCCGGAACCG into DA/OlaHsd rat embryos. The resulting mutation is a 11-bp frameshift deletion in exon 7.
Genetic Status: Wild Type
Last Known Status: Cryopreserved Sperm (as of 2021-11-03)
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
mRatBN7.2750,685,694 - 50,789,424RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINEmRatBN7.2
Rnor_6.0758,042,279 - 58,149,220RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERnor6.0
Rnor_5.0758,053,268 - 58,157,949RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERnor5.0
RGSC_v3.4754,321,033 - 54,430,706RGD_MAPPER_PIPELINERGSC3.4

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References - curated
# Reference Title Reference Citation
1. Chronic central serotonin depletion attenuates ventilation and body temperature in young but not adult Tph2 knockout rats. Kaplan K, etal., J Appl Physiol (1985). 2016 May 1;120(9):1070-81. doi: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01015.2015. Epub 2016 Feb 11.


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