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Carcinogenesis modifier loci in rat tongue are subject to frequent loss of heterozygosity.

Authors: Tanuma, J  Hiai, H  Shisa, H  Hirano, M  Semba, I  Nagaoka, S  Kitano, M 
Citation: Tanuma J, etal., Int J Cancer 2002 Dec 20;102(6):638-42.
RGD ID: 631169
Pubmed: (View Article at PubMed) PMID:12448007
DOI: Full-text: DOI:10.1002/ijc.10751

Rats of the DA strain are highly susceptible to 4NQO-induced TCs, whereas WF rats are barely susceptible. In (DA x WF)F2 rats, 5 QTL, Tscc1-5, are responsible for most of the phenotypic variations, though they do not account for all of the phenotypic differences between WF and DA rats. Analysis of 40 tongue tumors >5 mm in diameter from (DA x WF)F1 rats for LOH at the Tscc loci revealed a high frequency of LOH in chromosomal regions where the Tscc2, -3 and -4 loci map. In most cases of LOH, the allele of the barely susceptible WF strain was lost, suggesting that these loci in the WF strain encode tumor-suppressor genes. Analysis of the same tumors for somatic mutations in oncogenes indicated frequent alteration of Ha-ras, which maps in the Tscc3 region, but rare mutation of the p15(INK4B) and p16(INK4A) genes or the p53 and Msh2 genes. Frequent LOH was also found on rat chromosomes 5 (RNO5) and 6 (RNO6). Tumors of large size accumulated LOH at multiple loci, suggesting the involvement of Tscc loci in tumor progression.

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Tcas2  (Tongue tumor susceptibility QTL 2)
Tcas3  (Tongue tumor susceptibility QTL 3)
Tcas4  (Tongue tumor susceptibility QTL 4)

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