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The Serotonin Transporter Plays an Important Role in Male Sexual Behavior: A Study in Serotonin Transporter Knockout Rats.

Authors: Chan, JS  Snoeren, EM  Cuppen, E  Waldinger, MD  Olivier, B  Oosting, RS 
Citation: Chan JS, etal., J Sex Med. 2010 Aug 5.
RGD ID: 4889471
Pubmed: (View Article at PubMed) PMID:20704641
DOI: Full-text: DOI:10.1111/j.1743-6109.2010.01961.x

ABSTRACT Introduction. Serotonin (5-HT) is an important neurotransmitter for sexual behaviors. Heterozygous (+/-) serotonin transporter (SERT) rats and SERT knockout rats (-/-) have serotonergic disturbances with significant elevations of basal extracellular 5-HT levels. Aim. To investigate the putative role of the SERT in male sexual behavior. Methods. After extensive sexual training, the effects of the 5-HT(1A/7) receptor agonist +/-8-OH-DPAT, the 5-HT(1A) receptor antagonist WAY100 635 and a combination of both on sexual behaviors of SERT(-/-) and SERT(+/-) knockout and wildtype (SERT(+/+)) male Wistar rats were examined. Main Outcome Measures. Male rat sexual behaviors of mounts, intromissions, and ejaculations. Results. SERT(-/-) had lower basal ejaculation frequencies than SERT(+/-) and SERT(+/+) animals. +/-8-OH-DPAT enhanced sexual performance in all three genotypes to the same extent. WAY100635 dose-dependently inhibited sexual behavior in all three genotypes with significant dose to genotype interactions. WAY100635 exerted the strongest effects in SERT(-/-) animals. The combination of a dose range of +/-8-OH-DPAT and a selected dose of WAY100635 revealed only partial antagonism by +/-8-OH-DPAT of the sexual inhibitory effects of WAY100635. Conclusions. Absence of the serotonin transporter reduces basal ejaculatory performance in male rats. Pharmacological experiments suggest that separate pools of 5-HT(1A) receptors regulate different aspects of sexual performance in male rats. 5-HT(7) receptors may play a minor role in the partial recovery of sexual behavior after combination of +/-8-OH-DPAT and WAY100635. The SERT(-/-) rat may be a model for chronic SSRI treatment, delayed ejaculation, anorgasmia, and/or low libido. Chan JSW, Snoeren EMS, Cuppen E, Waldinger MD, Olivier B, and Oosting RS. The serotonin transporter plays an important role in male sexual behavior: A study in serotonin transporter knockout rats. J Sex Med **;**:**-**.


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Slc6a4  (solute carrier family 6 member 4)

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