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Data registered by Dr. Moreno

Authors: Dr. Carol, MORENO 
Citation: Personal communication between Dr. Carol Moreno and the RGD curators.
RGD ID: 2303609

Personal communication between Dr. Carol Moreno, Department of Pediatrics, Medical College of Wisconsin, and the RGD curators.


Objects Annotated

Vencon1  (Ventilatory control QTL 1)
Vencon10  (Ventilatory control QTL 10)
Vencon2  (Ventilatory control QTL 2)
Vencon3  (Ventilatory control QTL 3)
Vencon4  (Ventilatory control QTL 4)
Vencon5  (Ventilatory control QTL 5)
Vencon6  (Ventilatory control QTL 6)
Vencon7  (Ventilatory control QTL 7)
Vencon8  (Ventilatory control QTL 8)
Vencon9  (Ventilatory control QTL 9)

Objects referenced in this article
0 D13Hmgc2086 D13Hmgc2086 All species
0 D13Hmgc614 D13Hmgc614 All species
0 D13Hmgc102 D13Hmgc102 All species
0 D13Hmgc755 D13Hmgc755 All species
0 D13Hmgc354 D13Hmgc354 All species
0 D13Hmgc149 D13Hmgc149 All species
0 D13Hmgc797 D13Hmgc797 All species
0 D13Hmgc497 D13Hmgc497 All species
0 D13Hmgc5885 D13Hmgc5885 All species
0 D13Hmgc170 D13Hmgc170 All species
0 D13Hmgc885 D13Hmgc885 All species
0 D13Hmgc665 D13Hmgc665 All species
0 D13Hmgc664 D13Hmgc664 All species
0 D13Hmgc486 D13Hmgc486 All species
0 D13Hmgc871 D13Hmgc871 All species
0 ACI.FHH-(D1Mit18-D1Rat90)(D14Rat98-D14Hmgc18)/Mcwi null All species
0 BN/HsdMcwiCwr null All species
0 FHH.PCK-(D9Rat35-D9Rat70)/Mcwi null All species
0 SD/HsdCwr null All species

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