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Copper deficiency alters rat dopamine beta-monooxygenase mRNA and activity.

Authors: Prohaska, JR  Brokate, B 
Citation: Prohaska JR and Brokate B, J Nutr. 1999 Dec;129(12):2147-53.
RGD ID: 1625403
Pubmed: (View Article at PubMed) PMID:10573542

Dopamine beta-monooxygenase (DBM), a cuproenzyme, converts dopamine to norepinephrine in selected cells. Studies were conducted in albino rats to resolve the known paradox of DBM after copper deficiency in which metabolite analyses of tissues suggest lower activity, whereas direct assay of homogenates suggests enhanced activity. After 4 wk of postweanling copper deficiency, male Holtzman rats exhibited 1.4-fold higher adrenal DBM activity and 1. 8-fold higher adrenal DBM mRNA levels than copper-adequate rats. Mixing experiments did not support the existence of endogenous activators or inhibitors. Adrenal catecholamine content indicated lower norepinephrine, higher dopamine and unaffected epinephrine content in copper-deficient compared with copper-adequate rats. Studies in 22-d-old male Sprague-Dawley offspring of dams started on copper deficiency at d 7 of gestation indicated similar results for adrenal DBM mRNA, a 1.75-fold increase compared with copper-adequate pups. Adrenal dopamine content was higher in female copper-deficient offspring compared with controls, but norepinephrine was not lower. Medulla oblongata/pons DBM mRNA concentration was higher in 22-d-old copper-deficient female but not male rats compared with controls. Six weeks of copper repletion to the 22-d-old rats restored adrenal DBM mRNA levels to control values. Enzyme assay and RNA results are consistent with enhanced formation of DBM in adrenal gland and noradrenergic cell bodies of copper-deficient rats. The molecular signal may not be solely lower norepinephrine content because adrenal DBM mRNA changes were evident in both nutritional models, whereas the norepinephrine content was altered only in the postnatal model.


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Dbh  (dopamine beta-hydroxylase)

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