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IL-28 and IL-29 as protective markers in subject with dengue fever.

Authors: Hung, Chih-Hsing  Huang, Chung-Hao  Wang, Lin  Huang, Chun-Chi  Wu, Meng-Chieh  Chin, Yi-Ying  Lin, Chun-Yu  Chang, Ko  Wu, Deng-Chyang  Chen, Yen-Hsu 
Citation: Hung CH, etal., Med Microbiol Immunol. 2017 Jun;206(3):217-223. doi: 10.1007/s00430-017-0498-x. Epub 2017 Feb 25.
RGD ID: 126848771
Pubmed: (View Article at PubMed) PMID:28238051
DOI: Full-text: DOI:10.1007/s00430-017-0498-x

About 400 million people every year are estimated to contract dengue virus infection, which causes prolonged morbidity and sometimes mortality. Interleukin (IL)-28 and IL-29 are relatively newly discovered cytokines and play an important role in our immune defense against pathogens, especially for viral infection. In the present study, we investigated serum IL-28 and IL-29 expression and the relationship to clinical and laboratory parameters in patients with dengue virus infection. Adult patients with dengue (n = 45) and control group (n = 24) were included prospectively. Clinical symptoms and laboratory data were collected from every patient. We investigated IL-28 and IL-29 levels in serum by ELISA. The concentrations of serum IL-28 and IL-29 were significantly higher in subjects with dengue when compared to those of control group. The patients with higher serum IL-28 and IL-29 levels had significantly lower ALAT and peripheral blood neutrophil percentage, but higher peripheral platelet, total white blood cell (WBC), monocyte, and lymphocyte counts. Patients with higher serum IL-28 and IL-29 levels also had more flu-like symptoms, but less vomiting. Increased level of IL-28 and IL-29 was associated with better liver function, platelet and WBC numbers and clinical symptom in subjects with dengue and could potentially serve as a protective marker.


Disease Annotations    
dengue disease  (IEP,ISO)

Objects Annotated

Genes (Rattus norvegicus)
Ifnl1  (interferon, lambda 1)

Genes (Homo sapiens)
IFNL1  (interferon lambda 1)

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