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Marker: D5S1597E

Symbol: D5S1597E
Also known as: GDB:442857; 
Expected Size: 80 (bp)
Human AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceJBrowse
Cytogenetic Map3p25.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17p11.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map16q24UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map20q11.22UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map22q13.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map12q13.13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19q13.4UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map10q23-q24UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1q25.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map14q24.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map9q34.11UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map14q11.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map12q14.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map8q24.11UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map16p13.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19p13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map18q11.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map6p22.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map14q32.12UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map10p13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map15q22.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1p22.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19q13.31UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map7q22UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19q13.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19p12UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1q41UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map3q23UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17q21.31UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17q21UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map20q13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map5q13.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1p35.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map21q22.13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map22q13.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map7q11.23UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map7q21-q22UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17q25.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map18q12.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map7q36.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1p36.13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map12q24.31-q24.32UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map12p13.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1q21.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic MapXp11UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1q21.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map14q32.31UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17q22UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1q42.12UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map22q13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map11q24.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map13q33.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map7p14.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map20q13.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map1p31.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic MapXp22.11UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map20q12-q13.12UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map3p21.31UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map12p13.31UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map7q31UniSTS
Cytogenetic MapXq13.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map11p11.11UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map16p13.11UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map21q22.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map6p21.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17q25.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map10q11.21UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map3q28UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map11p15.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map11q24UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map16p11.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map8p11.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic MapXp22.31UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17q23.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map4q13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map4q35.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map22q13.33UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map15q21.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map14q32.33UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map20p13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map2p12-p11.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map7q22.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map14q12UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map12q13.12UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map5q12.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map15q21.1-q21.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map22q12-q13UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map12p11.21UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map5p13.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map11q21UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17q24.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map6q25UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map9p24.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map16p12.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map3q29UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map10q26.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map4q28.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map15q15.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map15q15.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map5q32UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map3q21.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map2q37.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map2q11.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19q13.12UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map14q24.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19q13.33UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19p13.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map16q24.1UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map19p13.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map3p21.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map17p13.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map11q13.2UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map9q34.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map7qUniSTS
Cytogenetic Map3p26UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map22q13.31UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map15q11.2-q21.3UniSTS
Cytogenetic Map6q16.2UniSTS
Is Marker For: Genes:   BRCA1   TGFB2   GRIPAP1   MYH11   KCNN3   FUT2   KCNJ11   PSMD9   IKBKB   RPL28   STAT3   VHL   ABCA5   COQ4   MUC20   CYP4V2   PRPF8   FBXO7   ZKSCAN3   TFDP2   RIN3   APPBP2   GTPBP1   SUV39H2   FUBP3   PIGT   PTCD1   SPATA5   CHST9   SH3RF2   NDUFS3   PTGR2   LPP   RBM14   PLA2G4B   GALK2   GRSF1   USHBP1   ZBTB8A   ENAH   SDCBP2   KANK1   OPALIN   TEDC1   CNNM3   RBM39   PAPLN   TIGAR   CTSA   RAB2B   SIM2   ZNF839   FLYWCH1   UBAC1   C1RL   SLC4A8   ZKSCAN1   KIAA1328   FUT4   FKBP14   BMP7   NONO   PDK3   ZNF230   LETMD1   SRGAP3   DTX3L   CDON   MSH5   ZNF491   EVI5   ITGAL   VPS9D1   NR1H2   EMX2OS   OTUD7B   HEATR5A   ZNF264   KCNJ5   HMGN2P46   TEX264   MXRA7   EVI5L   SYNE1   ICE2   LRG1   RNF213   RFC2   ESRRG   MX1   PROM2   CYB561D2   ZNF726   METTL2A   PRR11   ERCC8   UTP23   ETFBKMT   XPNPEP3   PROSER3   SELENON   L1TD1   PNPLA8   MINDY1   RICTOR   LLPH   PRR5   FOXRED1   PDXDC1   CCDC57   EXD1   ADAL   CENPL   GATAD1   ARGLU1   DNAAF1   ESYT2   TBC1D24   ZFP42   IZUMO2   TBC1D27P   GTF2H2B   PART1   NPIPB3   ATP5MF-PTCD1   TLR8-AS1   FAM227A   TSTD3   SNHG16   BHLHE40-AS1   LINC00899  


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RGD Object Information
RGD ID: 5022588
Created: 2011-03-02
Species: Homo sapiens
Last Modified: 2014-08-04
Status: ACTIVE


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