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Gene: Nr1i2 (nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group I, member 2) Rattus norvegicus
Symbol: Nr1i2
Name: nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group I, member 2
RGD ID: 69057
Description: Enables nuclear receptor activity. Predicted to be involved in several processes, including exogenous drug catabolic process; regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II; and xenobiotic transport. Predicted to act upstream of or within negative regulation of transcription, DNA-templated and positive regulation of gene expression. Located in nucleus. Biomarker of cholestasis and epilepsy. Orthologous to human NR1I2 (nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 2); INTERACTS WITH (+)-schisandrin B; (+)-trans-(S)-allethrin; (3-phenoxyphenyl)methanol.
Type: protein-coding
RefSeq Status: VALIDATED
Also known as: MGC108643; nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 2; nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group 1, member 2; orphan nuclear receptor PXR; pregnane X receptor (nuclear receptor sub family 1, group I, member 2); PXR
RGD Orthologs
Green Monkey
Naked Mole-Rat
Alliance Genes
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Allele / Splice: Nr1i2em1Sage  
Genetic Models: SD-Nr1i2em1Sage SD-Nr1i2em1Sage Nr1i3em1Sage SD-Nr1i2em1Sage Nr1i3em1Sage Ahrem1Sage
Latest Assembly: mRatBN7.2 - mRatBN7.2 Assembly
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
mRatBN7.21162,460,213 - 62,496,665 (+)NCBImRatBN7.2
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl1162,460,213 - 62,496,658 (+)Ensembl
Rnor_6.01165,022,100 - 65,058,546 (+)NCBIRnor6.0Rnor_6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl1165,022,100 - 65,058,545 (+)EnsemblRnor6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_5.01167,024,185 - 67,060,494 (-)NCBIRnor5.0Rnor_5.0rn5Rnor5.0
RGSC_v3.41164,239,918 - 64,276,702 (+)NCBIRGSC3.4rn4RGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.11164,297,534 - 64,333,716 (+)NCBI
Celera1161,960,674 - 61,997,009 (+)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map11q21NCBI
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Gene-Chemical Interaction Annotations     Click to see Annotation Detail View
(+)-artemisinin  (ISO)
(+)-catechin  (ISO)
(+)-schisandrin B  (EXP,ISO)
(+)-trans-(S)-allethrin  (EXP,ISO)
(-)-secoisolariciresinol  (ISO)
(3-phenoxyphenyl)methanol  (EXP,ISO)
(E,E)-germacrone  (ISO)
(R,R,R)-alpha-tocopherol  (ISO)
(S)-naringenin  (ISO)
(Z)-ligustilide  (ISO)
1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane  (ISO)
1,1,1-Trichloro-2-(o-chlorophenyl)-2-(p-chlorophenyl)ethane  (EXP,ISO)
1,1-dichloroethene  (ISO)
1,2-dichloroethane  (ISO)
1-(3-chlorophenyl)piperazine  (ISO)
1-\{2-[(4-chlorobenzyl)sulfanyl]-2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)ethyl\}-1H-imidazole  (ISO)
1-Hydroxypyrene  (ISO)
1-naphthol  (EXP)
1-naphthyl isothiocyanate  (EXP,ISO)
10H-phenothiazine  (ISO)
13-cis-retinal  (ISO)
17alpha-ethynylestradiol  (EXP,ISO)
17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone  (ISO)
17beta-estradiol  (ISO)
17beta-hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-3-one  (EXP,ISO)
1H-indole  (ISO)
2,2',4,4',5,5'-hexachlorobiphenyl  (EXP,ISO)
2,2',4,4'-Tetrabromodiphenyl ether  (ISO)
2,2',4,4'-tetrachlorobiphenyl  (ISO)
2,2',5,5'-tetrachlorobiphenyl  (EXP)
2,2'-Bisphenol F  (ISO)
2,2-diphenylacetic acid 2-(diethylamino)ethyl ester  (ISO)
2,3',4,4',5-Pentachlorobiphenyl  (ISO)
2,3,3',4,4',5,5'-Heptachlorobiphenyl  (ISO)
2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxine  (EXP,ISO)
2,4,5-trichlorophenol  (ISO)
2,4,6-trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid  (ISO)
2,4-D  (ISO)
2,4-dibromophenyl 2,4,5-tribromophenyl ether  (ISO)
2,4-Dihydroxybenzophenone  (ISO)
2,5-di-tert-butylbenzene-1,4-diol  (ISO)
2,8-bis-Trifluoromethyl-4-quinoline carboxylic acid  (ISO)
2-(1-naphthalenylmethyl)-3-(2-oxolanyl)propanoic acid 2-(diethylamino)ethyl ester  (ISO)
2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-5-\{[2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)ethyl](methyl)amino\}-2-(propan-2-yl)pentanenitrile  (ISO)
2-acetamidofluorene  (EXP,ISO)
2-butan-2-yl-4-[4-[4-[4-[[2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-(1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl]methoxy]phenyl]-1-piperazinyl]phenyl]-1,2,4-triazol-3-one  (ISO)
2-methyl-1H-indole  (ISO)
2-tert-butylhydroquinone  (ISO)
3,3',4,4',5-pentachlorobiphenyl  (ISO)
3,3',4,4'-tetrachlorobiphenyl  (ISO)
3,3',5,5'-tetrabromobisphenol A  (ISO)
3,3',5,5'-tetraiodothyroacetic acid  (ISO)
3,3',5-triiodo-L-thyronine  (ISO)
3,3'-diindolylmethane  (ISO)
3,3'-Dimethylbenzidine  (ISO)
3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine  (EXP,ISO)
3,5-xylenol  (ISO)
3-iodoprop-2-yn-1-yl butylcarbamate  (ISO)
3-Methyl-4-(2,6,6-trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1-yl)-3-buten-2-one  (ISO)
3-oxo-5beta-cholanic acid  (ISO)
4'-epidoxorubicin  (ISO)
4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane  (ISO)
4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol  (ISO)
4-(5,6,7,8-tetrahydroimidazo[1,5-a]pyridin-5-yl)benzonitrile  (ISO)
4-chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol  (ISO)
4-hydroxyphenyl retinamide  (ISO)
4-Methyl-3-penten-2-one, 9CI  (ISO)
4-nonylphenol  (EXP,ISO)
4-octylphenol  (ISO)
4-tert-butylphenol  (ISO)
4-tert-Octylphenol  (ISO)
5,7-dihydroxy-4'-methoxyflavone  (ISO)
5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine  (ISO)
5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine  (ISO)
5-methoxy-2-\{[(4-methoxy-3,5-dimethylpyridin-2-yl)methyl]sulfinyl\}-1H-benzimidazole  (EXP,ISO)
5alpha-pregnane-3,20-dione  (ISO)
6-(4-chlorophenyl)imidazo[2,1-b][1,3]thiazole-5-carbaldehyde O-(3,4-dichlorobenzyl)oxime  (ISO)
6-propyl-2-thiouracil  (EXP,ISO)
7,12-dimethyltetraphene  (ISO)
8-(4-chlorophenylthio)-cAMP  (ISO)
8-Br-cAMP  (ISO)
9-cis-retinal  (ISO)
9-cis-retinoic acid  (ISO)
9-phenanthrol  (ISO)
acetamide  (EXP)
acetochlor  (ISO)
Acetyl tributyl citrate  (EXP,ISO)
actinomycin D  (EXP,ISO)
adenine arabinoside  (ISO)
afimoxifene  (ISO)
aflatoxin B1  (ISO)
Aflatoxin B2 alpha  (ISO)
Aflatoxin G1  (ISO)
aflatoxin M1  (ISO)
alachlor  (EXP,ISO)
aldehydo-D-glucose  (ISO)
aldrin  (ISO)
all-trans-retinoic acid  (ISO)
allethrin  (EXP)
allyl isothiocyanate  (EXP,ISO)
alpha-hexachlorocyclohexane  (ISO)
alpha-santonin  (ISO)
alpha-tocotrienol  (ISO)
aminoglutethimide  (ISO)
amiodarone  (ISO)
ammonium chloride  (EXP,ISO)
amphetamine  (ISO)
amprenavir  (ISO)
androst-4-ene-3,17-dione  (ISO)
androstane  (ISO)
Anilofos  (ISO)
apazone  (ISO)
apigenin  (ISO)
arsenite(3-)  (EXP)
atazanavir sulfate  (ISO)
atorvastatin calcium  (EXP,ISO)
azinphos-methyl  (ISO)
azoxystrobin  (ISO)
beclomethasone  (ISO)
Benfuresate  (ISO)
benidipine  (ISO)
bensulfuron-methyl  (ISO)
Bensulide  (ISO)
benzo[a]pyrene  (ISO)
benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide I  (ISO)
Benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-diol  (ISO)
benzo[c]phenanthrene  (ISO)
benzophenone  (EXP)
Benzyl parahydroxybenzoate  (ISO)
berberine  (ISO)
bergomottin  (ISO)
Besigomsin  (ISO)
beta-carotene  (ISO)
beta-hexachlorocyclohexane  (ISO)
beta-naphthoflavone  (EXP,ISO)
beta-tocotrienol  (ISO)
bezafibrate  (ISO)
bicalutamide  (ISO)
bifenthrin  (EXP,ISO)
bilirubin IXalpha  (ISO)
biochanin A  (ISO)
bioresmethrin  (EXP,ISO)
biphenyl-2-ol  (ISO)
biphenyl-4-ol  (ISO)
bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate  (EXP,ISO)
bisphenol A  (EXP,ISO)
Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether  (ISO)
bisphenol A dimethacrylate  (ISO)
Bisphenol B  (ISO)
bitertanol  (ISO)
brefeldin A  (ISO)
Bromadiolone  (ISO)
bromocresol purple  (ISO)
Bromophos-ethyl  (ISO)
bromothymol blue  (ISO)
Bromperidol  (ISO)
bromuconazole  (EXP,ISO)
budesonide  (EXP,ISO)
bupirimate  (ISO)
buspirone  (EXP)
buta-1,3-diene  (ISO)
butafenacil  (ISO)
Butamifos  (ISO)
butein  (ISO)
butoconazole  (ISO)
butylated hydroxyanisole  (ISO)
Butylbenzyl phthalate  (ISO)
Butylparaben  (EXP,ISO)
cafenstrole  (ISO)
calcitriol  (ISO)
camptothecin  (ISO)
captan  (ISO)
carbamazepine  (EXP,ISO)
carbamazepine-10,11-epoxide  (ISO)
carbaryl  (EXP,ISO)
carbon nanotube  (ISO)
cerivastatin  (ISO)
cetylpyridinium  (ISO)
chenodeoxycholic acid  (ISO)
CHIR 99021  (ISO)
Chlomethoxyfen  (ISO)
chlordecone  (ISO)
chlorfenvinfos  (ISO)
chlornitrofen  (ISO)
Chlorobenzilate  (ISO)
Chloromethyl methyl ether  (ISO)
chloropropylate  (ISO)
chlorothalonil  (ISO)
chlorpromazine  (ISO)
chlorpropham  (ISO)
chlorpyrifos  (ISO)
chlorpyrifos-methyl  (ISO)
cholesterol  (ISO)
cholic acid  (ISO)
choline  (ISO)
chrysin  (ISO)
ciguatoxin CTX1B  (ISO)
cimetidine  (ISO)
cinchocaine  (ISO)
cisplatin  (ISO)
clemizole  (ISO)
clobetasol  (ISO)
clofibrate  (EXP,ISO)
clomiphene  (ISO)
clonazepam  (ISO)
clorgyline  (ISO)
clotrimazole  (EXP,ISO)
clozapine  (ISO)
cobicistat  (ISO)
colforsin daropate hydrochloride  (EXP,ISO)
copper(II) sulfate  (ISO)
corticosterone  (ISO)
coumaphos  (ISO)
coumestrol  (ISO)
Cryptotanshinone  (ISO)
Cuprizon  (EXP)
curcumin  (ISO)
Cyanofenphos  (ISO)
cyclophosphamide  (ISO)
cyclosporin A  (ISO)
cyfluthrin  (EXP,ISO)
cyhalothrin  (EXP,ISO)
cypermethrin  (EXP,ISO)
cyproconazole  (ISO)
cyprodinil  (ISO)
cyproterone acetate  (ISO)
D-glucose  (ISO)
daidzein  (ISO)
decabromodiphenyl ether  (EXP,ISO)
dehydroepiandrosterone  (ISO)
delta-hexachlorocyclohexane  (ISO)
delta-tocotrienol  (ISO)
deoxycholic acid  (ISO)
Deoxyschizandrin  (ISO)
dexamethasone  (EXP,ISO)
dextran sulfate  (ISO)
diazepam  (ISO)
diazinon  (ISO)
dibenzo[a,l]pyrene  (ISO)
dibutyl phthalate  (EXP,ISO)
Dichlofenthion  (ISO)
diclofenac  (ISO)
dicloxacillin  (ISO)
dicofol  (ISO)
dieldrin  (EXP,ISO)
diethyl phthalate  (ISO)
diethylstilbestrol  (ISO)
difenoconazole  (ISO)
diflubenzuron  (ISO)
dihydroergotamine  (ISO)
diisobutyl phthalate  (ISO)
Diisodecyl phthalate  (ISO)
diisononyl phthalate  (ISO)
dilazep  (ISO)
dimethomorph  (ISO)
dimethylarsinous acid  (ISO)
diniconazole  (ISO)
diosgenin  (ISO)
dioxygen  (ISO)
dipentyl phthalate  (ISO)
Diphenolic acid  (ISO)
diphenylamine  (ISO)
disopyramide  (ISO)
disulfiram  (ISO)
disulfoton  (ISO)
Dithiopyr  (ISO)
diuron  (ISO)
doxorubicin  (ISO)
econazole  (ISO)
efavirenz  (EXP)
endosulfan  (EXP,ISO)
endrin  (ISO)
enilconazole  (ISO)
Enterolactone  (ISO)
equilin  (ISO)
erlotinib hydrochloride  (ISO)
estriol  (ISO)
estrone  (ISO)
Ethalfluralin  (ISO)
ethanol  (EXP,ISO)
ethion  (ISO)
ethoprophos  (ISO)
ethotoin  (ISO)
ethoxyquin  (ISO)
ethylparaben  (EXP,ISO)
etidronic acid  (ISO)
etofenprox  (ISO)
etoposide  (ISO)
eugenol  (ISO)
felodipine  (EXP,ISO)
fenamiphos  (ISO)
fenarimol  (ISO)
fenbuconazole  (ISO)
fenhexamid  (ISO)
fenitrothion  (ISO)
fenofibrate  (ISO)
fenthion  (ISO)
fentin chloride  (ISO)
fenvalerate  (EXP,ISO)
Fexofenadine hydrochloride  (ISO)
finasteride  (ISO)
fipronil  (ISO)
fisetin  (ISO)
flavonol  (EXP,ISO)
fluconazole  (ISO)
flucythrinate  (ISO)
fludioxonil  (ISO)
flufenacet  (ISO)
Flumetralin  (ISO)
flunisolide  (ISO)
fluoranthene  (ISO)
flutamide  (EXP,ISO)
fluticasone  (ISO)
flutolanil  (ISO)
fluvalinate  (ISO)
fluvastatin  (ISO)
folic acid  (ISO)
folpet  (ISO)
fulvestrant  (ISO)
galangin  (ISO)
gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane  (EXP,ISO)
genistein  (EXP,ISO)
Ginkgolide A  (ISO)
ginkgolide B  (ISO)
glimepiride  (ISO)
glucose  (ISO)
glycochenodeoxycholic acid  (ISO)
glycocholic acid  (ISO)
glycodeoxycholic acid  (ISO)
glycyrrhizinic acid  (ISO)
guggulsterone  (ISO)
GW 4064  (ISO)
heptachlor  (ISO)
Heptachlor epoxide  (ISO)
hesperetin  (ISO)
hexestrol  (ISO)
hycanthone  (ISO)
Hydrastine  (ISO)
hydroxyflutamide  (ISO)
hydroxyitraconazole  (ISO)
hyperforin  (ISO)
ifosfamide  (ISO)
imazamox  (ISO)
imipenem hydrate  (ISO)
Indanofan  (ISO)
indole-3-acetamide  (ISO)
indoprofen  (ISO)
iprobenfos  (ISO)
iprodione  (ISO)
Isobutylparaben  (EXP,ISO)
Isoetharine  (ISO)
isofenphos  (ISO)
isoliquiritigenin  (ISO)
isopimpinellin  (ISO)
isoprothiolane  (ISO)
isoproturon  (ISO)
isorhamnetin  (ISO)
isotretinoin  (ISO)
isoxaben  (ISO)
isoxazoles  (ISO)
Isradipine  (ISO)
itraconazole  (ISO)
kaempferol  (ISO)
ketoconazole  (ISO)
kojic acid  (EXP)
L-methionine  (ISO)
lansoprazole  (ISO)
leflunomide  (ISO)
leptophos  (ISO)
levonorgestrel  (ISO)
lidocaine  (ISO)
lignan  (ISO)
linuron  (ISO)
lipopolysaccharide  (ISO)
lithocholic acid  (EXP,ISO)
loperamide  (ISO)
lovastatin  (ISO)
Maleic hydrazide  (ISO)
MC-4379  (ISO)
mecarbam  (ISO)
Medazepam  (ISO)
medroxyprogesterone acetate  (ISO)
mefenacet  (ISO)
mefenamic acid  (ISO)
megestrol  (ISO)
melatonin  (ISO)
Melengestrol acetate  (ISO)
menaquinone  (ISO)
menaquinone-4  (ISO)
mephenytoin  (ISO)
mephobarbital  (ISO)
mercury dichloride  (EXP)
mestranol  (ISO)
metconazole  (ISO)
metformin  (EXP,ISO)
methacholine chloride  (ISO)
methapyrilene  (EXP)
methidathion  (ISO)
methiocarb  (EXP)
methotrexate  (EXP)
methoxsalen  (EXP,ISO)
methoxychlor  (EXP,ISO)
methyltestosterone  (ISO)
metolachlor  (ISO)
metolazone  (ISO)
metyrapone  (ISO)
mevastatin  (ISO)
miconazole  (EXP,ISO)
midazolam  (ISO)
mifepristone  (EXP,ISO)
Mitotane  (ISO)
mono(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate  (ISO)
monobenzone  (ISO)
monobenzyl phthalate  (ISO)
Monobutylphthalate  (EXP)
monocrotaline  (ISO)
monocrotophos  (ISO)
mycophenolic acid  (ISO)
N-nitrosodiethylamine  (EXP)
nabumetone  (ISO)
nafcillin  (ISO)
napropamide  (ISO)
nefazodone  (ISO)
nelfinavir  (ISO)
nicardipine  (ISO)
nifedipine  (ISO)
nilutamide  (ISO)
nimodipine  (ISO)
nitrofen  (ISO)
Nonylphenol  (EXP,ISO)
norethisterone  (ISO)
norgestrel  (ISO)
notoginsenoside R1  (ISO)
ochratoxin A  (ISO)
octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane  (ISO)
okadaic acid  (ISO)
omeprazole  (EXP,ISO)
orlistat  (ISO)
oryzalin  (ISO)
Oxadiazon  (ISO)
oxiconazole  (ISO)
oxolane  (ISO)
oxybenzone  (ISO)
oxybuprocaine  (ISO)
oxycodone  (EXP)
Oxyfluorfen  (ISO)
p-menthan-3-ol  (ISO)
p-tert-Amylphenol  (ISO)
paclitaxel  (ISO)
paracetamol  (ISO)
paraquat  (ISO)
parathion  (ISO)
parathion-methyl  (ISO)
parthenolide  (ISO)
pazopanib  (ISO)
penconazole  (ISO)
pencycuron  (ISO)
pendimethalin  (ISO)
pentachloronitrobenzene  (ISO)
pentachlorophenol  (ISO)
pentobarbital  (ISO)
perfluorobutyric acid  (ISO)
perfluorodecanoic acid  (EXP,ISO)
perfluorododecanoic acid  (ISO)
perfluoroheptanoic acid  (ISO)
perfluorohexanesulfonic acid  (ISO)
perfluorohexanoic acid  (ISO)
perfluorononanoic acid  (ISO)
perfluorooctane-1-sulfonic acid  (ISO)
perfluorooctanoic acid  (ISO)
permethrin  (EXP,ISO)
phenanthrene  (ISO)
phenobarbital  (EXP,ISO)
phenolphthalein  (ISO)
phenothrin  (EXP)
Phenoxybenzamine  (ISO)
phenthoate  (ISO)
phenylephrine  (ISO)
phenytoin  (EXP,ISO)
phorbol 13-acetate 12-myristate  (EXP)
phosalone  (ISO)
phoxim  (ISO)
phthalic acid  (ISO)
picoxystrobin  (ISO)
pimecrolimus  (ISO)
pioglitazone  (ISO)
piperine  (ISO)
piperonyl butoxide  (ISO)
Piperophos  (ISO)
pirimiphos-methyl  (ISO)
pirinixic acid  (ISO)
PK-11195  (ISO)
prallethrin  (ISO)
pregnenolone  (ISO)
pregnenolone 16alpha-carbonitrile  (EXP,ISO)
Pretilachlor  (ISO)
procaine  (ISO)
prochloraz  (ISO)
procymidone  (ISO)
progesterone  (EXP,ISO)
prometryn  (ISO)
propanil  (ISO)
propaphos  (ISO)
propargite  (ISO)
propiconazole  (ISO)
propranolol  (ISO)
propylparaben  (EXP,ISO)
propyzamide  (ISO)
prothiofos  (ISO)
pterostilbene  (ISO)
pyrene  (ISO)
pyrethrins  (ISO)
pyridaben  (ISO)
pyridaphenthion  (ISO)
pyrimethanil  (ISO)
quercetin  (ISO)
quinalphos  (ISO)
quinoxyfen  (ISO)
reserpine  (ISO)
resveratrol  (ISO)
rifampicin  (EXP,ISO)
rifaximin  (ISO)
Riluzole  (ISO)
risperidone  (ISO)
ritonavir  (EXP,ISO)
saquinavir  (ISO)
secobarbital  (ISO)
sevoflurane  (EXP)
silibinin  (ISO)
simvastatin  (ISO)
skatole  (ISO)
sodium arsenite  (EXP,ISO)
spironolactone  (EXP,ISO)
steviol  (ISO)
stilbene oxide  (ISO)
sulconazole  (ISO)
sulfamethazine  (ISO)
sulfinpyrazone  (ISO)
sulforaphane  (EXP,ISO)
sulfoxaflor  (ISO)
tamarixetin  (ISO)
tamoxifen  (EXP,ISO)
Tanshinone I  (ISO)
tartrazine  (ISO)
taurocholic acid  (ISO)
tebuconazole  (ISO)
terbufos  (ISO)
terbutryn  (ISO)
terbutylazine  (ISO)
testosterone  (EXP,ISO)
Testosterone propionate  (ISO)
Tetrachlorobisphenol A  (ISO)
tetrachloromethane  (EXP,ISO)
tetrachlorvinphos  (ISO)
tetramethrin  (EXP,ISO)
thalidomide  (ISO)
thapsigargin  (ISO)
thiabendazole  (ISO)
Thiazopyr  (ISO)
thioacetamide  (EXP)
Thiobencarb  (ISO)
thyroxine  (ISO)
tiaprofenic acid  (ISO)
tiracizine  (ISO)
titanium dioxide  (ISO)
tolclofos-methyl  (ISO)
tolylfluanid  (ISO)
topiramate  (ISO)
toxaphene  (ISO)
tralomethrin  (ISO)
TRAM-34  (ISO)
trans-cinnamic acid  (ISO)
Trenbolone  (ISO)
triadimefon  (ISO)
Tributyl citrate  (ISO)
tributyl phosphate  (ISO)
tributylstannane  (ISO)
trichostatin A  (ISO)
triclosan  (ISO)
triflumizole  (ISO)
trifluralin  (EXP,ISO)
trifluridine  (ISO)
triforine  (ISO)
trimethobenzamide  (ISO)
triphenyl phosphate  (ISO)
Triphenylethylene  (ISO)
tris(2-butoxyethyl) phosphate  (ISO)
Tris(2-ethylhexyl) phosphate  (ISO)
triticonazole  (ISO)
troglitazone  (ISO)
troleandomycin  (ISO)
tryptamine  (ISO)
tryptophol  (ISO)
uranium atom  (EXP)
urethane  (ISO)
ursodeoxycholic acid  (ISO)
valproic acid  (EXP,ISO)
verapamil  (ISO)
vincaleukoblastine  (ISO)
vinclozolin  (EXP,ISO)
vincristine  (ISO)
vitamin D  (ISO)
voriconazole  (ISO)
warfarin  (ISO)
zearalenone  (EXP,ISO)

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Mammalian Phenotype

Additional References at PubMed
PMID:11114890   PMID:11891224   PMID:12477932   PMID:12578355   PMID:16085054   PMID:17919779   PMID:18794335   PMID:19141612   PMID:19162173   PMID:19435144   PMID:20599767   PMID:21311750  
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PMID:31955533   PMID:32205367   PMID:34226610  


Comparative Map Data
(Rattus norvegicus - Norway rat)
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
mRatBN7.21162,460,213 - 62,496,665 (+)NCBImRatBN7.2
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl1162,460,213 - 62,496,658 (+)Ensembl
Rnor_6.01165,022,100 - 65,058,546 (+)NCBIRnor6.0Rnor_6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl1165,022,100 - 65,058,545 (+)EnsemblRnor6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_5.01167,024,185 - 67,060,494 (-)NCBIRnor5.0Rnor_5.0rn5Rnor5.0
RGSC_v3.41164,239,918 - 64,276,702 (+)NCBIRGSC3.4rn4RGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.11164,297,534 - 64,333,716 (+)NCBI
Celera1161,960,674 - 61,997,009 (+)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map11q21NCBI
(Homo sapiens - human)
Human AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCh38.p13 Ensembl3119,780,484 - 119,818,487 (+)EnsemblGRCh38hg38GRCh38
GRCh383119,782,101 - 119,818,487 (+)NCBIGRCh38GRCh38hg38GRCh38
GRCh373119,500,948 - 119,537,334 (+)NCBIGRCh37GRCh37hg19GRCh37
Build 363120,982,021 - 121,020,022 (+)NCBINCBI36hg18NCBI36
Build 343120,982,020 - 121,020,021NCBI
Celera3117,908,432 - 117,946,438 (+)NCBI
Cytogenetic Map3q13.33NCBI
HuRef3116,874,950 - 116,913,074 (+)NCBIHuRef
CHM1_13119,462,845 - 119,500,855 (+)NCBICHM1_1
(Mus musculus - house mouse)
Mouse AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
GRCm391638,068,711 - 38,115,211 (-)NCBIGRCm39mm39
GRCm39 Ensembl1638,068,685 - 38,115,186 (-)Ensembl
GRCm381638,248,349 - 38,294,849 (-)NCBIGRCm38GRCm38mm10GRCm38
GRCm38.p6 Ensembl1638,248,323 - 38,294,824 (-)EnsemblGRCm38mm10GRCm38
MGSCv371638,248,435 - 38,294,910 (-)NCBIGRCm37mm9NCBIm37
MGSCv361638,167,590 - 38,214,062 (-)NCBImm8
Celera1638,657,356 - 38,703,953 (-)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map16B3NCBI
(Chinchilla lanigera - long-tailed chinchilla)
Chinchilla AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
ChiLan1.0 EnsemblNW_00495542719,459,936 - 19,487,276 (+)EnsemblChiLan1.0
ChiLan1.0NW_00495542719,459,936 - 19,487,276 (+)NCBIChiLan1.0ChiLan1.0
(Pan paniscus - bonobo/pygmy chimpanzee)
Bonobo AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
PanPan1.13123,815,135 - 123,853,129 (+)NCBIpanpan1.1PanPan1.1panPan2
PanPan1.1 Ensembl3123,815,135 - 123,853,129 (+)Ensemblpanpan1.1panPan2
Mhudiblu_PPA_v03116,901,579 - 116,940,366 (+)NCBIMhudiblu_PPA_v0panPan3
(Canis lupus familiaris - dog)
Dog AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
CanFam3.13323,444,367 - 23,456,405 (+)NCBICanFam3.1CanFam3.1canFam3CanFam3.1
CanFam3.1 Ensembl3323,432,690 - 23,455,347 (+)EnsemblCanFam3.1canFam3CanFam3.1
Dog10K_Boxer_Tasha3323,474,457 - 23,486,487 (+)NCBI
ROS_Cfam_1.03323,682,177 - 23,694,192 (+)NCBI
UMICH_Zoey_3.13323,486,165 - 23,498,350 (+)NCBI
(Ictidomys tridecemlineatus - thirteen-lined ground squirrel)
Squirrel AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
HiC_Itri_2NW_024405602130,794,594 - 130,830,392 (-)NCBI
SpeTri2.0NW_0049365366,691,590 - 6,726,421 (+)NCBISpeTri2.0SpeTri2.0SpeTri2.0
(Sus scrofa - pig)
Pig AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
Sscrofa11.1 Ensembl13140,364,075 - 140,406,112 (-)EnsemblSscrofa11.1susScr11Sscrofa11.1
Sscrofa11.113140,373,571 - 140,406,129 (-)NCBISscrofa11.1Sscrofa11.1susScr11Sscrofa11.1
Sscrofa10.213149,710,912 - 149,743,466 (-)NCBISscrofa10.2Sscrofa10.2susScr3
(Chlorocebus sabaeus - green monkey)
Green Monkey AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
ChlSab1.12261,005,404 - 61,043,016 (-)NCBIChlSab1.1chlSab2
ChlSab1.1 Ensembl2261,006,667 - 61,040,832 (-)EnsemblChlSab1.1chlSab2
Vero_WHO_p1.0NW_023666041105,267,620 - 105,304,705 (+)NCBIVero_WHO_p1.0
(Heterocephalus glaber - naked mole-rat)
Naked Mole-rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
HetGla 1.0NW_00462473128,371,707 - 28,405,327 (-)NCBIHetGla_female_1.0hetGla2

QTLs in Region (mRatBN7.2)
The following QTLs overlap with this region.    Full Report CSV TAB Printer Gviewer
RGD IDSymbolNameLODP ValueTraitSub TraitChrStartStopSpecies
1300147Bp187Blood pressure QTL 1873.67arterial blood pressure trait (VT:2000000)blood pressure time series experimental set point of the baroreceptor response (CMO:0002593)11169446234Rat
1558659Tescar1Testicular tumor resistance QTL 13.9testis integrity trait (VT:0010572)percentage of study population developing testis tumors during a period of time (CMO:0001261)11104193166113562Rat
724554Iddm17Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus QTL 170.001blood glucose amount (VT:0000188)blood glucose level (CMO:0000046)111897620886241447Rat
10058952Gmadr6Adrenal mass QTL 62.290.0072adrenal gland mass (VT:0010420)both adrenal glands wet weight to body weight ratio (CMO:0002411)112295940367959403Rat
8694376Bw156Body weight QTL 1562.250.001body lean mass (VT:0010483)lean tissue morphological measurement (CMO:0002184)112328045668280456Rat
9590313Scort20Serum corticosterone level QTL 206.510.001blood corticosterone amount (VT:0005345)plasma corticosterone level (CMO:0001173)112328045668280456Rat
9589032Epfw10Epididymal fat weight QTL 109.290.001epididymal fat pad mass (VT:0010421)epididymal fat pad weight to body weight ratio (CMO:0000658)112328045668280456Rat
8694424Bw162Body weight QTL 1623.80.001body lean mass (VT:0010483)lean tissue morphological measurement (CMO:0002184)112328045668280456Rat
724563Uae10Urinary albumin excretion QTL 106urine albumin amount (VT:0002871)urine albumin level (CMO:0000130)112767241082846715Rat
1300110Stl7Serum triglyceride level QTL 74.64blood triglyceride amount (VT:0002644)plasma triglyceride level (CMO:0000548)112952841882566702Rat
2298551Neuinf10Neuroinflammation QTL 103.7nervous system integrity trait (VT:0010566)spinal cord beta-2 microglobulin mRNA level (CMO:0002125)113123913478851519Rat
70180BpQTLcluster10Blood pressure QTL cluster 103.19arterial blood pressure trait (VT:2000000)mean arterial blood pressure (CMO:0000009)113491804179918041Rat
1300135Rf19Renal function QTL 193.38blood creatinine amount (VT:0005328)creatinine clearance (CMO:0000765)114094618882566702Rat
2312566Glom20Glomerulus QTL 203.60.001kidney glomerulus morphology trait (VT:0005325)index of glomerular damage (CMO:0001135)114428575982566702Rat
1581565Pur10Proteinuria QTL 100.0001urine albumin amount (VT:0002871)urine albumin excretion rate (CMO:0000757)114480331882846466Rat
1581572Uae35Urinary albumin excretion QTL 350.0001urine albumin amount (VT:0002871)urine albumin excretion rate (CMO:0000757)114480331882846466Rat
4889859Pur28Proteinuria QTL 2819.50.001total urine protein amount (VT:0000032)urine total protein excretion rate (CMO:0000756)114545932375190161Rat
724561Plsm4Polydactyly-luxate syndrome (PLS) morphotypes QTL 40.0003forelimb integrity trait (VT:0010562)front foot phalanges count (CMO:0001947)115445753486241447Rat
4889521Gluco62Glucose level QTL 622.820.001blood glucose amount (VT:0000188)blood glucose level (CMO:0000046)115513672982993457Rat
7411658Foco27Food consumption QTL 2716.20.001eating behavior trait (VT:0001431)feed conversion ratio (CMO:0001312)115635142486241447Rat
631506Bp104Blood pressure QTL 1042.8arterial blood pressure trait (VT:2000000)systolic blood pressure (CMO:0000004)115980279482566545Rat
70208Niddm22Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus QTL 223.61blood glucose amount (VT:0000188)plasma glucose level (CMO:0000042)115980279482566553Rat
10058954Gmadr7Adrenal mass QTL 72.490.0049adrenal gland mass (VT:0010420)both adrenal glands wet weight to body weight ratio (CMO:0002411)116034659086241447Rat

Genetic Models
This gene Nr1i2 is modified in the following models/strains
miRNA Target Status

Predicted Target Of
Summary Value
Count of predictions:85
Count of miRNA genes:69
Interacting mature miRNAs:79
Prediction methods:Miranda, Rnahybrid, Targetscan
Result types:miRGate_prediction

The detailed report is available here: Full Report CSV TAB Printer

miRNA Target Status data imported from miRGate (
For more information about miRGate, see PMID:25858286 or access the full paper here.


RNA-SEQ Expression
High: > 1000 TPM value   Medium: Between 11 and 1000 TPM
Low: Between 0.5 and 10 TPM   Below Cutoff: < 0.5 TPM

alimentary part of gastrointestinal system circulatory system endocrine system exocrine system hemolymphoid system hepatobiliary system integumental system musculoskeletal system nervous system renal system reproductive system respiratory system appendage
Medium 3 37 37 37 11
Low 4 6 4 1 4 1 1 2 18 13 11 1
Below cutoff 17 14 16 7 8 40 2 22 7


Reference Sequences
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSRNOT00000003934   ⟹   ENSRNOP00000003934
RefSeq Status:
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl1162,460,213 - 62,496,658 (+)Ensembl
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl1165,022,100 - 65,058,545 (+)Ensembl
RefSeq Acc Id: NM_052980   ⟹   NP_443212
RefSeq Status: VALIDATED
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
mRatBN7.21162,460,213 - 62,496,659 (+)NCBI
Rnor_6.01165,022,100 - 65,058,546 (+)NCBI
Rnor_5.01167,024,185 - 67,060,494 (-)NCBI
RGSC_v3.41164,239,918 - 64,276,702 (+)RGD
Celera1161,960,674 - 61,997,009 (+)RGD
RefSeq Acc Id: XM_039088670   ⟹   XP_038944598
RefSeq Status:
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
mRatBN7.21162,490,931 - 62,496,665 (+)NCBI
Protein Sequences
Protein RefSeqs NP_443212 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer  
  XP_038944598 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer  
GenBank Protein AAD47214 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer  
  AAI07450 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer  
  EDM11231 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer  
  Q9R1A7 (Get FASTA)   NCBI Sequence Viewer  
Reference Sequences
RefSeq Acc Id: NP_443212   ⟸   NM_052980
- UniProtKB: Q9R1A7 (UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot)
- Sequence:
RefSeq Acc Id: ENSRNOP00000003934   ⟸   ENSRNOT00000003934
RefSeq Acc Id: XP_038944598   ⟸   XM_039088670
- Peptide Label: isoform X1
Protein Domains
NR LBD   Nuclear receptor


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RGD ID:13698169
Promoter ID:EPDNEW_R8694
Type:initiation region
Description:nuclear receptor subfamily 1, group I, member 2
SO ACC ID:SO:0000170
Source:EPDNEW (Eukaryotic Promoter Database,
Experiment Methods:Single-end sequencing.
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
Rnor_6.01165,022,015 - 65,022,075EPDNEW

Strain Variation

Strain Sequence Variants (Rnor 6.0)
ACI/EurMcwi (2019)
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Sequenced By: MCW
Platform: GSPMC-Illumina-NovaSeq6000
Secondary Analysis: BWA_mem_v.0.7.17,_GATK_v.
Breeder: MCW
Description: Dr. Mindy Dwinell - Hybrid rat diversity program
ACI/EurMcwi (MCW)
Visual CSV TAB Printer
Sequenced By: Medical College of Wisconsin (Dr. Howard Jacob)
Platform: Illumina HiSeq 2000
Secondary Analysis: BWA v0.7.7 and GATK v3.2-2
Breeder: Medical College of Wisconsin
Description: Provided by the Medical College of Wisconsin (Dr. Howard Jacob)
ACI/EurMcwi (RGD)
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