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Gene: Nqo1 (NAD(P)H quinone dehydrogenase 1) Rattus norvegicus
Symbol: Nqo1
Name: NAD(P)H quinone dehydrogenase 1
RGD ID: 2503
Description: Enables NADH dehydrogenase (quinone) activity and superoxide dismutase activity. Involved in several processes, including NADPH oxidation; regulation of apoptotic process; and response to ischemia. Located in dendrite and neuronal cell body. Used to study several diseases, including chronic kidney disease; colon cancer; hypertension; liver cirrhosis; and membranous glomerulonephritis. Biomarker of several diseases, including brain disease (multiple); fatty liver disease (multiple); overactive bladder syndrome; prostatitis; and ureteral obstruction. Human ortholog(s) of this gene implicated in several diseases, including asthma; hematologic cancer (multiple); lung disease (multiple); macular degeneration; and small cell carcinoma. Orthologous to human NQO1 (NAD(P)H quinone dehydrogenase 1); PARTICIPATES IN nuclear factor, erythroid 2 like 2 signaling pathway; oxidative stress response pathway; doxorubicin pharmacokinetics pathway; INTERACTS WITH (+)-catechin; (-)-selegiline; (3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)acetic acid.
Type: protein-coding
RefSeq Status: VALIDATED
Previously known as: azoreductase; Dia4; Diaphorase (NADH/NADPH); DT-diaphorase; DTD; menadione reductase; MGC93075; NAD(P)H dehydrogenase [quinone] 1; NAD(P)H dehydrogenase, quinone 1; NAD(P)H:menadione oxidoreductase; NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1; phylloquinone reductase; QR1; quinone reductase 1
RGD Orthologs
Green Monkey
Naked Mole-Rat
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Is Marker For: Strains:   WF.DA-(D19Mit1-D19Mit6)/Kop  
Candidate Gene For: Tcas1 Tcas5 Eau8
Latest Assembly: mRatBN7.2 - mRatBN7.2 Assembly
Rat AssemblyChrPosition (strand)SourceGenome Browsers
mRatBN7.21935,295,633 - 35,310,528 (-)NCBImRatBN7.2mRatBN7.2
mRatBN7.2 Ensembl1935,295,573 - 35,310,557 (-)EnsemblmRatBN7.2 Ensembl
UTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx1942,111,093 - 42,125,986 (-)NCBIRnor_SHRUTH_Rnor_SHR_Utx
UTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.01942,764,452 - 42,779,347 (-)NCBIRnor_SHRSPUTH_Rnor_SHRSP_BbbUtx_1.0
UTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.01945,069,378 - 45,085,238 (-)NCBIRnor_WKYUTH_Rnor_WKY_Bbb_1.0
Rnor_6.01938,422,210 - 38,437,103 (+)NCBIRnor6.0Rnor_6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_6.0 Ensembl1938,422,164 - 38,437,180 (+)EnsemblRnor6.0rn6Rnor6.0
Rnor_5.01949,291,903 - 49,306,856 (+)NCBIRnor5.0Rnor_5.0rn5Rnor5.0
RGSC_v3.41937,251,147 - 37,266,040 (-)NCBIRGSC3.4RGSC_v3.4rn4RGSC3.4
RGSC_v3.11937,255,967 - 37,270,906 (-)NCBI
Celera1934,717,059 - 34,731,947 (-)NCBICelera
Cytogenetic Map19q12NCBI
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