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Expression Data Report for gene SLIT2
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Cell lineSexAgeTissueValueUnitAssemblyReference
501Anot specifiednot availablezone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183309
537 MELnot specifiednot availablezone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183309
624 melnot specifiednot availablezone of skin0.1TPMGRCh3818183309
COLO 792male62 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183309
COLO 800male14 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183309
DEOC-1male59 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183309
IGR-37male26 yearszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818183309
MEL-HOfemalenot availablezone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183309
MeWomale78 yearszone of skin0.1TPMGRCh3818183309
SK-MEL-2male60 yearszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818183309
SK-MEL-28male51 yearszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183309
SK-MEL-30male67 yearszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183309
WM-266-4female58 yearszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183309
GAKfemalenot availablezone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818250103
LB373-MEL-Dfemalenot availablezone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818250103
MZ7-melfemalenot availablezone of skin0.1TPMGRCh3818250103
SK-MEL-2malenot availablezone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818250103
female50 - 59 yearslower leg skin0.4113TPMGRCh3821081543
male50 - 59 yearslower leg skin0.4712TPMGRCh3821081543
male40 - 49 yearslower leg skin0.467TPMGRCh3821081543
female60 - 69 yearssuprapubic skin0.3984TPMGRCh3821081543
female20 - 29 yearslower leg skin0.4615TPMGRCh3821081543
male50 - 59 yearssuprapubic skin0.442TPMGRCh3821081543