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Expression Data Report for gene KLHL7-DT
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Cell lineSexAgeTissueValueUnitAssemblyReference
not specified0 dayszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818182918
male0 dayszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh380
female0 dayszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh380
male0 dayszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh380
male0 dayszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh380
male0 dayszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh380
HPSI0813i-ffdc_1male40 - 44 yearszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0213i-koun_2female0 dayszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0413i-peop_2male0 dayszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
male45 - 49 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0513i-oogu_2female0 dayszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0813i-iicq_1female30 - 34 yearszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0214i-wibj_2female55 - 59 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0314i-bubh_3female35 - 39 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI1113i-dons_1female55 - 59 yearszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0114i-lexy_2female60 - 64 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI1013i-cups_3female45 - 49 yearszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0114i-lexy_1female60 - 64 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0713i-kaks_3male40 - 44 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0813i-iill_1male60 - 64 yearszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0613i-auim_2female0 dayszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818183307
HPSI0613i-auim_3female0 dayszone of skin0.4TPMGRCh3818183307
C32TGmale53 yearszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818183309
GR-Mmale36 yearszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818183309
Hs 839.Tfemale42 yearszone of skin0.1TPMGRCh3818183309
RPMI-7951not specified18 yearszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183309
UACC-257not specified0 dayszone of skin0.2TPMGRCh3818183309
G-MELnot specified0 dayszone of skin0.3TPMGRCh3818250103