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Expression Data Report for gene MIR3189
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Cell lineSexAgeTissueValueUnitAssemblyReference
female113 days post conceptionthymus0.4TPMGRCh3818182930
LB647-SCLCmalenot availablelung0.2TPMGRCh3818250103
LC-1-sqmalenot availablelung0.2TPMGRCh3818250103
LU-165malenot availablelung0.2TPMGRCh3818250103
NCI-H1417femalenot availablelung0.2TPMGRCh3818250103
NCI-H720malenot availablelung0.3TPMGRCh3818250103
KMH-2not specifiednot availablethyroid gland0.2TPMGRCh3818250103
SBC-1malenot availablelung0.2TPMGRCh3818250103
female50 - 59 yearsupper lobe of left lung0.3101TPMGRCh3821081543
male20 - 29 yearsupper lobe of left lung0.4354TPMGRCh3821081543
male20 - 29 yearsthyroid gland0.4872TPMGRCh3821081543
male50 - 59 yearsupper lobe of left lung0.4683TPMGRCh3821081543
female50 - 59 yearsupper lobe of left lung0.4284TPMGRCh3821081543