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Expression Data Report for gene CALM1
Download Expression Data
male4 monthstonsil15.0TPMSscrofa11.121201285
male4 monthstonsil74.0TPMSscrofa11.121201285
male4 monthstonsil267.0TPMSscrofa11.121201285
male4 monthsalveolus of lung139.0TPMSscrofa11.121201285
male4 monthsalveolus of lung476.0TPMSscrofa11.121201285
female4 monthsalveolus of lung11.0TPMSscrofa11.121201285
female4 monthsalveolus of lung143.0TPMSscrofa11.121201285
female4 monthsalveolus of lung384.0TPMSscrofa11.121201285