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Expression Data Report for gene Mink1
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F344/Nctrfemale14 daysgastrocnemius12.0TPMRnor_6.013506920
F344/Nctrmale14 daysgastrocnemius16.0TPMRnor_6.013506920
male2 monthszone of skin46.063457TPMRnor_6.021408556
male2 monthszone of skin40.599426TPMRnor_6.021408556
female2 monthszone of skin52.187716TPMRnor_6.021408556
male2 monthszone of skin27.208645TPMRnor_6.021408556
female2 monthszone of skin45.180893TPMRnor_6.021408556
female2 monthszone of skin45.360829TPMRnor_6.021408556