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Expression Data Report for gene CT55
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Cell lineSexAgeTissueValueUnitAssemblyReference
malenot availablezone of skin35.0TPMGRCh3821081540
femalenot availablezone of skin37.0TPMGRCh3821081540
femalenot availablezone of skin47.0TPMGRCh3821081540
501Anot specifiednot availablezone of skin63.0TPMGRCh3818183309
COLO 679female47 yearszone of skin40.0TPMGRCh3818183309
Hs 294Tnot specifiednot availablezone of skin53.0TPMGRCh3818183309
Hs 936.Tnot specifiednot availablezone of skin106.0TPMGRCh3818183309
IPC-298female64 yearszone of skin31.0TPMGRCh3818183309
MDA-MB-435not specifiednot availablezone of skin48.0TPMGRCh3818183309
SK-MEL-2male60 yearszone of skin73.0TPMGRCh3818183309
SK23not specifiednot availablezone of skin128.0TPMGRCh3818183309
LB373-MEL-Dfemalenot availablezone of skin15.0TPMGRCh3818250103
MZ2-MELnot specifiednot availablezone of skin52.0TPMGRCh3818250103
SK-MEL-2malenot availablezone of skin28.0TPMGRCh3818250103
CP67-MELmalenot availablezone of skin104.0TPMGRCh3818250103