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Expression Data Report for gene VCX3A
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Cell lineSexAgeTissueValueUnitAssemblyReference
malenot availablezone of skin101.0TPMGRCh3821081540
malenot availablezone of skin119.0TPMGRCh3821081540
501Anot specifiednot availablezone of skin13.0TPMGRCh3818183309
COLO-783female48 yearszone of skin27.0TPMGRCh3818183309
COLO-818not specifiednot availablezone of skin13.0TPMGRCh3818183309
Hs 294Tnot specifiednot availablezone of skin42.0TPMGRCh3818183309
Hs 695Tnot specifiednot availablezone of skin400.0TPMGRCh3818183309
HT-144not specifiednot availablezone of skin16.0TPMGRCh3818183309
HMV-IIfemalenot availablezone of skin46.0TPMGRCh3818250103
LB373-MEL-Dfemalenot availablezone of skin64.0TPMGRCh3818250103