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RGD ID: 3140
Species: Rattus norvegicus
RGD Object: Gene
Symbol: Myh9
Name: myosin, heavy chain 9
Acc ID: GO:0005515
Term: protein binding
Definition: Interacting selectively and non-covalently with any protein or protein complex (a complex of two or more proteins that may include other nonprotein molecules).
Definition Source(s): GOC:go_curators
Note: Use of the qualifier "multiple interactions" designates that the annotated interaction is comprised of a complex set of reactions and/or regulatory events, possibly involving additional chemicals and/or gene products.
QualifierEvidenceWithReferenceSourceNotesOriginal Reference(s)
 ISORGD:7324011624291RGDUniProtKB:O00255, UniProtKB:O00255-2, UniProtKB:O46385, UniProtKB:P05106, UniProtKB:P12821-1, UniProtKB:P19338, UniProtKB:P20336, UniProtKB:P26447, UniProtKB:P31146, UniProtKB:P51681, UniProtKB:P61073, UniProtKB:P62993, UniProtKB:P83110, UniProtKB:Q05397, UniProtKB:Q86VB7, UniProtKB:Q969F2, UniProtKB:Q9BRS8, UniProtKB:Q9UPQ0 (PMID:10822899), (PMID:12202484), (PMID:12421915), (PMID:12577067), (PMID:14508515), (PMID:14640694), (PMID:15479433), (PMID:16186248), (PMID:16403913), (PMID:17925381), (PMID:18504258), (PMID:20421509), (PMID:20603131), (PMID:20936779), (PMID:22229724), (PMID:22483112), (PMID:23100250), (PMID:24189400), (PMID:2732579), (PMID:27325790), (PMID:28228547)

PMID:10822899, PMID:12202484, PMID:12421915, PMID:12577067, PMID:14508515, PMID:14640694, PMID:15479433, PMID:16186248, PMID:16403913, PMID:17925381, PMID:18504258, PMID:20421509, PMID:20603131, PMID:20936779, PMID:22229724, PMID:22483112, PMID:23100250, PMID:24189400, PMID:2732579, PMID:27325790, PMID:28228547
 ISORGD:7324021624291RGDUniProtKB:Q3U0S6, UniProtKB:Q923J1 (MGI:MGI:3613403, PMID:16407977), (MGI:MGI:5052000, PMID:21396893), (MGI:MGI:5644004, PMID:24855944)

MGI:MGI:3613403, MGI:MGI:5052000, MGI:MGI:5644004, PMID:16407977, PMID:21396893, PMID:24855944
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