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RGD ID: 1557951
Species: Mus musculus
RGD Object: Gene
Symbol: Rpe
Name: ribulose-5-phosphate-3-epimerase
Acc ID: GO:0009052
Term: pentose-phosphate shunt, non-oxidative branch
Definition: The branch of the pentose-phosphate shunt which does not involve oxidation reactions. It comprises a series of sugar phosphate interconversions, starting with ribulose 5-P and producing fructose 6-P and glyceraldehyde 3-P.
Definition Source(s): ISBN:0198506732, MetaCyc:NONOXIPENT-PWY
Note: Use of the qualifier "multiple interactions" designates that the annotated interaction is comprised of a complex set of reactions and/or regulatory events, possibly involving additional chemicals and/or gene products.
Object SymbolQualifierEvidenceWithReferenceSourceNotesOriginal Reference(s)
Rpe ISORGD:15648902290270RGD GO_REF:0000096, MGI:MGI:4417868
Rpe IBAPANTHER:PTN0002026672290270GO_Central (MGI:MGI:6201960, PMID:21873635)

MGI:MGI:6201960, PMID:21873635
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