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RGD ID: 14079154
Species: Sus scrofa
RGD Object: Gene
Symbol: PLSCR3
Name: phospholipid scramblase 3
Acc ID: GO:0017121
Term: plasma membrane phospholipid scrambling
Definition: The movement of a population of phospholipid molecules from one leaflet of the plasma membrane bilayer to the opposite leaflet, resulting in loss of lipid asymmetry and surface exposure of phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidylethanolamine (PE).
Definition Source(s): GOC:cjm, PMID:20043909, PMID:20302864
Note: Use of the qualifier "multiple interactions" designates that the annotated interaction is comprised of a complex set of reactions and/or regulatory events, possibly involving additional chemicals and/or gene products.
Object SymbolQualifierEvidenceWithReferenceSourceNotesOriginal Reference(s)
PLSCR3 IBAMGI:MGI:893575, PANTHER:PTN000582979, RGD:620521, UniProtKB:O15162, WB:WBGene0001193514298760GO_Central (PMID:21873635)

PLSCR3 IEAInterPro:IPR00555214298760InterPro GO_REF:0000002
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