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1 Annotations Found.

An association has been curated linking IGLC6 and extracellular region in Homo sapiens.        

  • The association was traceable author statement (TAS)
  • The annotation was made from RGD pipelines: GOA_HUMAN data from the GO Consortium
  • 4506 RGD objects have been annotated to extracellular region  (GO:0005576)
  • 1 papers in RGD have been used to annotate IGLC6
  • Original References(s): Reactome:R-HSA-166753, Reactome:R-HSA-166792, Reactome:R-HSA-173626, Reactome:R-HSA-173631, Reactome:R-HSA-1861621, Reactome:R-HSA-199161, Reactome:R-HSA-2029268, Reactome:R-HSA-2029270, Reactome:R-HSA-2029271, Reactome:R-HSA-2029272, Reactome:R-HSA-2029273, Reactome:R-HSA-2029451, Reactome:R-HSA-2029452, Reactome:R-HSA-2029453, Reactome:R-HSA-2029455, Reactome:R-HSA-2029457, Reactome:R-HSA-2029458, Reactome:R-HSA-2029459, Reactome:R-HSA-2029467, Reactome:R-HSA-2029476, Reactome:R-HSA-2197697, Reactome:R-HSA-2203516, Reactome:R-HSA-2454192, Reactome:R-HSA-2454208, Reactome:R-HSA-2454240, Reactome:R-HSA-2730833, Reactome:R-HSA-2730843, Reactome:R-HSA-2730851, Reactome:R-HSA-2730882, Reactome:R-HSA-2730884, Reactome:R-HSA-2730886, Reactome:R-HSA-8852266, Reactome:R-HSA-8852481, Reactome:R-HSA-8858428, Reactome:R-HSA-9021306

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